2023 Open edX Conference


I had considered this, but even if we send just one team member at the conference, we’d still be over budget at €53k.

I would be willing to cover my own flight and accommodation costs, if OpenCraft would cover my conference attendance.

I have friends and family I want to visit in the US next year, and so this trip would dovetail nicely with that, and give me some business expenses to write off on next year’s tax.


@jill That’s really graceful of you! And it would be great to see you at the conference this way. I think we can definitely find a way to cover your conference attendance – the time would mostly come from your core contributor hours, and the entrance ticket isn’t too big of an expense. @gabriel what do you think, can this fit in the budget?

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Yes, we can definitely do that @jill :slightly_smiling_face: . Let me know when you’ve taken a final decision, and I’ll buy you a ticket!

@team here’s an important update regarding conference attendance and good news for the coworking week:

@antoviaque and I have been reviewing the conference budget, and we found a way to send a few folks to the conference AND do the full-team coworking week in Bogotá :white_check_mark: Based on the current budget, we can send 4 team members to the 2023 conference, using the conference budget. @Fox will be one of them, since he does important prospecting work.

The compromise, however, is that we’ll need to move the budgets for brainstorming on topics, submitting proposals, preparing talks, and attending the conference to the Contributions budget. This in turn means that only Core Contributors (“CCs”) will be able to participate in those activities. It’s not ideal, but this allows the whole team to have a coworking week in Colombia :sun_with_face: This means that 3 Core Contributors + Jill will accompany Fox and Xavier to the conference

We’ll likely need to spread the talk submission/prep/attendance budget over 3-4 months, so that Core Contributors can allocate time for other contribution tasks, but we should be able to make it work.

I’ll go ahead and archive the brainstorming tasks I had scheduled for team members who are not CCs.

If you’re not a CC and you have an idea or two in mind already, here’s a proposal: I think it’s fine to go ahead and share it on the brainstorming thread – just be mindful of the fact that you have no budget for it, so please timebox it to a few minutes at most, and log it on the conference epic. This may sound drastic, but those minutes compound very fast, and the budget is tight. Are you good with this, @antoviaque?


Gabriel, is that 4 DEVS or 4 team members total? I would have expected that I’d be going, but I’m not a CC. Either’s fine-- might be a good chance for us to finally hit that trip to Japan if I’ll not be going.

@Fox it is my understanding that you’ll be going, on the Prospects budget. Sorry for not mentioning this, and @antoviaque can confirm. I assume that Xavier will also be going, so it would probably be 6 in total.

edit. this was incorrect ^^ Fox’s presence at the conference also needs to be covered by the conference budget, and therefore the correct count is 3 Core Contributors + Fox + Xavier.

@gabriel @Fox Yes, you’re definitely coming @Fox - we actually mentioned it during the budget discussions. @gabriel we would need to count @Fox in the conference budget though, which is kinda already a “prospecting” budget, even if it isn’t only that. Does that change things? I will come and can take care of my own travel expenses - so you can count me in the budget the same way as @jill.

Thanks for finding a way to make something work! Seems like a good plan, given the circumstances, and I’m so glad we still have a chance to get the whole team together.

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Got it. This means we’ll fly @Fox + 3 more team members (Core Contributors) to the conference. I’ll adjust my post above!

So exciting! Glad I’ll finally be meeting some of you face-to-face. :slight_smile:
@gabriel Would the dates for Bogotá be 1-7 April-ish?

Since I need a visa for the US (which would mean additional costs), perhaps it makes sense to prioritize other CC’s over me?? I can always attend next year’s conference.

Yes – flying to Bogota on April 1st, and flying back home on April 8th or 9th.

We factored in some visa costs for the conf, so don’t worry about that :slight_smile:

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I am so glad you found a way to get us all together! Really excited about seeing everyone in Bogotá!

Yes please! I’ve decided to go :slight_smile:

How will the selection of the 3 CCs work? Is it about who gets a talk accepted?

And since I’m paying for my own flights and accommodation, does this mean 3 CCs + Jill + Fox + Xavier, or am I taking up one of the 3 CC slots?

Thanks for confirming, @jill! And sorry for the confusion – your presence does not count towards the 3 CCs, since you’re going on your own dime. So it’s 3 CCs + Xavier + Jill + Fox.

Yes. If we have more than 3 talks accepted, we’ll discuss it as a team and try to reach a consensus, and if we can’t achieve that, Xavier will make the call.


Btw, @sarina is looking for a few people to help with judging the talk proposals, and offered to include some of us in the roster. She is looking for:

Details: The conference talk judging will take place from 23 January 2023 through 31 January 2023. The commitment would be up to 8 hours, split up however you see fit during the judging period. A judging rubric will be provided in advance and judges will have time to give input on this rubric.
Our needs: We’re looking for 1-2 technical people from OpenCraft to help us evaluate the “Developer and Operator” track.
Additionally, we’re looking for 1 person to help us judge the “Other” track. This person should have extensive knowledge about the Open edX platform, feature set, community, or other aspects; they do not need to be technical We’re not sure what types of talks will be submitted to this new category so we’re intentionally looking for a wide range of backgrounds.

We could commit this time as part of the core contributor budget, like for the rest of the conference. Any of the core contributors in the team interested in this? Let me know this week, as we’ll need to answer her by Tuesday.

I can help with this :slight_smile:

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I’d like to help as well :slight_smile:

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I can do that :+1:

And @antoviaque, you’ll be a judge for the “Product Development and Usage”, correct?

FYI @gabriel you are already on the “Other” track as a Marketing WG representative.


Great, thank you @jill @pooja @gabriel :+1:

@sarina So I assume it would be better to find someone else? Or does @gabriel 's participation as part of the marketing working group fills the slot you need already?