2023 Open edX Conference

@Ali I’ll have it shipped to someone in North America, just to be safe! @Fox, can I ship Ali’s t-shirt over to your house, and you can bring it to her at the conf?

Yep, I’d be happy to take it with me to the event!


Thanks @fox and @gabriel!

A medium, pretty please.

Thank you! And got it for the tshirt size, @Ali :slight_smile:


I’m ordering OpenCraft tshirts, and will bring them with me to Bogotá :slight_smile: Who wants one, and what size?

@cassie @kaustav @Fox @antoviaque @jill @Agrendalath @farhaan @ChrisChV @braden @pooja @kshitij @maxim @paulo

Are they different than the T-shirts we’ve made before?

I’d like one-- the one I have is a bit small for me. Since it was a medium but felt smaller than most mediums, and because I’ve switched to large, I think XL would be better this time around, assuming the same manufacturer. Otherwise, if we’re getting shirts that match most American sizings, then a large should be fine. :slight_smile:

I’ve got 2 OpenCraft t-shirts from previous years, so don’t need a new one this year. But thank you!

@braden they’re the same.

@gabriel I still have mine - so no need for another :slight_smile:

@gabriel I’d like one, medium for me

I have mine as well, so I won’t need a new one.

I have worn mine a lot, so I would need another one, my T-shirt size is XL.

Thanks for checking. I still have two t-shirts from previous conferences, so I don’t need a new one :slight_smile:

@Fox this time it’ll be standard Gildan shirts, which seem to have shrunk in size over the last couple years in my experience. I used to be a medium guy, but now I require large for roughly the same body size. So let’s play it safe and go with XL – you can always throw it in the dryer if you want a tigher fit :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks all, I got what I need for ordering the tshirts.

@Fox @Ali @jill @braden @antoviaque @Agrendalath

Ned Batchelder has reached out to us, asking if we had some availability to help with on-site tasks during the conference. We helped a good bit last year, and they appreciated it :slight_smile: So, if you have some leftover contribution hours (either leftover budget from your conference prep time, or overall Core Contributor hours leftover), would you be willing to spend this budget (or a portion of it) on helping on-site? There are various tasks to pick from, which are usually quite simple – such as helping for 2-3 hours at the registration desk, greeting and guiding presenters in the various conference rooms, setting up signage, etc.

Ned asked that I share the names/emails of those who have some time to spare, and he will share a list of tasks on which people can self-assign. So let me know : )

@jill I know you’re out of Core Contirbutor hours this quarter (and the next?), so this might not be a possibility for you. @Fox you’re not a Core Contributor, but I figure we could find some contribution budget if you’re up for it.

@antoviaque has discussed with Ned already, and will be providing help.

Thanks, all!


@gabriel I’m game! I’ve got potential meeting slots at all the anticipated breaks (like the coffee breaks and whatnot) as well as before and after, but during the main hours of the event I’m open-- I have no particular talk I’ve committed to see.

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@gabriel Sure, you can put my name on the list.

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@gabriel Count me in! If possible, please ask Ned not to sign me up for anything early on the first day as I will be arriving quite late the night before after a looong flight and layover.

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