Backup for Recruitment Role Needed for Serenity

Hello @serenity

We need a backup for the cell recruitment role for Serenity.

Unfortunately, since @sid, the current cell recruiter for Serenity, is not available at the time, the backup will have to get started on day 0.

This is urgent as it is disrupting the workflow of other cell recruiters and increasing the load on them.

So, please, if you aren’t already a backup for 1 or 2 roles in the cell, we need you to speak up.

It’s not going to be an easy job, but our goal isn’t to overload you. Members can help you estimate your efforts on recruitment so that you don’t have to overload/overcommit yourself.

@nizar, I’ll do it. SE-250, right?

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@adolfo thanks a lot :smiley: Yes, it’s SE-250 :+1:

Please feel free to check-in with other cell recruiters to have a better idea about the estimation of the tickets for your first sprint. You might want to give yourself a bit of buffer so you aren’t overloaded.

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