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Hi team,

As part of our effort to increase our contributions to the Open edX Blog, I would like us to prepare a series of blog posts about the edX Blended Projects we have been working on in the past year.

I thought I’d ask epic owners for Blended projects to prepare a blog post about their respective projects. Furthermore, I think we should enlist someone from edX (who is/was involved in the project) to help co-write each article, and publish it as a joint effort. I think we can publish about projects that are both completed and still in progress.

I’d like to release 1 such blog post per month.

@giovannicimolin @josh @usman @adolfo @kshitij @daniel what do you think? Are you up for this? Would you be able to schedule a ticket sometime in the next few sprints to get started?

ticket to log time


I’ve offered Ned a tech talk about the LTI project in the community meetup once this project is delivered. And I’m in to write a blog post for the ORA changes.

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Thanks for getting back @giovannicimolin. Can you please create a ticket for the ORA blog post, and add me as 2nd reviewer? For LTI, that’s also great! Maybe we can also schedule a short blog post to summarize the project and provide a link to the recording of your talk?

Btw @josh @usman @adolfo @kshitij @daniel can you please reply? I’m ok with “ack, I’ve taken note to get back to you later”.

@gabriel Are you also referring to the SQL grader XBlock? (SE-2957). I haven’t seen it referred to as „blended project“ before. We could write about it though it’s a small change we did, and it doesn’t reach as many people as the other projects in the „blended projects“ list.
Or maybe you wanted to ping @Agrendalath instead, since he owns some projects in that list.


You’re right; I was referring to SE-2957 but indeed this wasn’t really a blended dev project. But yes, we should definitely write about it in a blog post :slight_smile:

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@josh @adolfo @usman @kshitij are you not getting my pings?

@gabriel Apologies for the delay. I have created for FAL.245.

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@gabriel Sorry for missing this. I’ve had a tough few weeks and am still trying to catch up all over the place.

I’d be up for this, but I’m afraid I have too much on my plate currently. I could do it in a later month perhaps?

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I created SE-4299, could you check the epic/account?
How do we synchronize with edX to write about this? Since the request seems to come from us, do we need to ask for permission?

I’d prefer to let some time pass because the code is being reviewed this+next sprint.

Note that the changes we did are small, and this XBlock is very specific (it’s the type of block that you would only need in courses about SQL).

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Sorry as well @gabriel, forum pings don’t show up in my inbox with the filters I setup when we first started using it. I’ve adjusted these since the forum has become quite a bit more important now.

I’m open to contributing here for BD-27 certainly, though I’m not sure how it would best fit in. CC2OLX is more self-contained than some of the other blended projects, as it’s a standalone tool.

Though we could still write a blog post describing the tool, it’s origins and development if that would be appealing?

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@gabriel, I was off. :slight_smile: I think it’s a good idea, and I’m up to writing such a post once BD-14 is delivered. Thing is, the project is currently paused, and will only be restarted on Q3 this year: it’ll be a little while.

On the other hand, I believe Kyle and/or Marco will enjoy contributing to the post, so there’s that.

Created SE-4301, in any case.

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@kshitij sure, this can wait. Thanks for the reply! I’ll take note to ping you later on this.

@giovannicimolin are you on board with what I’ve suggested? It doesn’t need to be done now, I’m just suggesting that we create the tickets.

@daniel thanks for creating a ticket, the account is the right one. It would be good to reach out to Mike yes, and ask if he can either co-author the post, or at least review it and give it the :+1:. And sure, it’s fine to wait a few weeks. We could aim to publish this in May?

And IMO it’s fine to do this even if the changes are small/specific. The post doesn’t need to be super long, and it can be very technical if you like it that way. Up to you! If it’s very technical, Open edX may choose not to publish it on their blog, but then we’ll publish it on our blog only, and that’s ok.

@josh yep, that would be great! It’s fine if this project is more self-contained; a summary like you described sounds good. Can you create ticket(s) to do this? Doesn’t need to be right away, but maybe start by reaching out to people edX to see if someone wants to co-author, or at least review your work?

My apologies @adolfo, I should have checked! Sounds good, and thanks for creating a ticket. I’ll follow-up with you on this later this year.

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Ok, I added all this to SE-4299.

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@giovannicimolin @josh ping!

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@gabriel Ack, sorry for the missed ping.
I will create the tickets in the next planning round. What account should I use? (marketing?).

Ah yep, I created the ticket (BB-4057) but didn’t ping back here.
I put it under the account for BD-27 for now, but should we move the account to marketing?

Thanks @josh @giovannicimolin -> Marketing is the correct account :+1:

@giovannicimolin have you been able to create your tickets?