Data Working Group Call for Interest

Open edX want to start a Data Working Group. We certainly have ideas and opinions on the matter; is someone interested in being part of this group?

Let me know if we need to create a new Tempo account for time spent working with the group.

ticket to log work (for now)

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I’m totally interested, and have joined #wg-data, but I generally can’t make it to synchronous meetings in Boston timezones.

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@gabriel please count me in :+1:

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@gabriel Thanks for relaying this. For logging the time though, can it be on cell-specific tickets? Time logged on BIZ ticket don’t count in cells sustainability, so they would be unbounded – for this reason, it’s important that only non-cell members log time on BIZ tickets.

@antoviaque sure, note taken. What account should I use for this? Contributions? Or create a new one?

@gabriel Yup, the contributions account can work - as long as it’s logged on a ticket belonging to a specific cell, it will count against that cell’s contributions budget. Note that it’s a cell budget, so the cell itself is the one deciding whether to spend time on it or not (based both on sustainability, and availability).

@antoviaque got it, thanks.

@raul @jill I don’t know how you manage recurring tasks like helping the community or discussing subjects like analytics, should I create a ticket or maybe there’s an existing one that we can use?

+1, we need to limit it if the cell doesn’t have sustainability. Attending a meeting or doing small tasks is ok when it’s a small amount of hours. But please don’t promise edX we’ll start a new project based on this, or that we’ll do recurring work. We’d need to check budgets first to see whether the cell can do it, and which cell.

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I’ve created FAL-1999 for @raul and I, starting next sprint.
I find that Recurring tasks don’t get much of my attention though, so we might need to create new tasks each sprint with specific goals?