Hiring pace

I’m copy-pasting a recent discussion started about this very topic on Monday. We figured that for discoverability it would be best to continue here.

Tickets to log time:

  • BB-283 Epic planning - Bebop
  • SE-254 Epic planning - Serenity
  • FAL-49 Epic planning - Falcon

I don’t want to risk editorial effects, so it’s going to be a verbatum wall of text. Sorry.

I have moved the discussion to its current thread - it’s usually easier to follow conversations than on one giant thread.

:+1: Thanks for recaping the outcome of that discussion.

What could help making it less messy? Could a better workflow/process help here? We are designing a workflow manager currently - this could be a good area to work on a workflow for? CC @nizar @Ali

For the number of new hires at a given time, it does make sense to keep it to something manageable. Generally one core team member should be able to care for one newcomer, no? If the newcomer isn’t able to make it worthwhile for a core team member to mentor him/her and create/find tasks, then maybe either that newcomer isn’t a good fit, or not enough time is spent thinking about ways to delegate work?

Note in passing that hiring pace (number of newcomers at a time in a cell) is related to capacity buffer (the number of hours not allocated), but they aren’t the same. Ideally, a cell would keep enough capacity buffer, to not need to hire so fast that it would exceed the cell’s maximum hiring pace. That’s still difficult, but gives more time – and it provides an incentive for cells to take on accelerated epics, as the more accelerated work, the more capacity buffer the cell has, potentially allowing the cell to get contracts we might otherwise have refused, like the Singapore lead: https://forum.opencraft.com/t/falcon-resourcing-for-2021-22/1042/23 .

Does anyone want to take a task to update the handbook with the outcome of this conversation?

@antoviaque @nizar

I think this sounds like the perfect candidate for a workflow - or a number of workflows, depending on how the procedure is structured in the handbook.

The plan was to first build the vacation checklist, but perhaps this workflow/s could be tackled thereafter.


Another problem we are facing, at least in @bebop , is the difficulty in assigning mentors to newcomers.

With 8 core members, we currently have only 3 members in mentoring positions. Finding a mentor for Alfred ended up with myself taking the position, despiting leaving for a sprint-break, as no other core members had either the capacity or timezone overlap.

A recurrent theme in Bebop is some members taking more than one mentee; there’s no intrinsic problem here, but that severely limits options and brings problems such as the above.

I don’t want to force anyone to take mentoring, especially given the fact some members enjoy it much more than others. But this situation is limiting our ability to hire at the moment. I actually enjoy mentoring and will gladly take another newcomer if no one is available (there’s one incoming), it’s just that it ends up limiting taking other work.

Finally, the fact Bebop’s newcomer-to-core ratio is less than 20% in 2021 results in a lot of mentoring is required, which points to another problem entirely.


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