Mail server migration updates

Please don’t run any playbooks on the relay or mail server until the related PRs on FAL-2014 are merged. Applying open-craft/ansible-secrets#289 reverted changes we were testing from open-craft/ansible-secrets#288 :frowning:

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Good to know – I’ll need to add postfix credentials for the redis stage server in FAL-2039, so will take care.

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Oh, sorry, I didn’t know that we were testing it. Thanks for rebasing the PR!

:tada: All mailing list archives have been migrated! :tada:

This means that the new archives at Available lists - Opencraft Mail houses all past mailing list archives now. The archives at will be removed soon.

It also unfortunately means that direct links to archives will break. There isn’t any easy solution to fix that, so I guess we will need to manually search for mail in the new archives if we need to view an old archive email that we only have the old archive link for. :confused:

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Does this mean I should wait before onboarding Hadi - which entails creating his email address and adding him to the mailing lists? When are the PRs expected to merge?

I was able to register using my personal username and see the mailing list names. I haven’t tried much else, but it’s worth checking if there’s any list accidentally publicly accessible and that there’s no way to subscribe to the lists automatically with non-OpenCraft emails.

Yup - I have this rule in my filters:

I’m not sure what the modification changed in the rule, but it would make more sense to have this on the server’s aliases / mailing lists - that’s a bit we missed in the configuration we needed to migrate. Would you be able to add it there?

Edit: And yes, for the public/private I think the information about how we do things is fine to share publicly – as long as we keep the secrets safe, it should be ok. And if anyone notices something that shouldn’t have been shared, don’t hesitate to mention it.

Edit 2: For the archives, we could simply mirror them on another server, and I can put a redirection to the same URL on the new domain?

PRs are now merged, you’re good to go! :slight_smile:

Yep we’ve checked this. All archives are private. To subscribe to a list, someone must request a subscription, confirm their email, then wait for a list owner/moderator to accept the request.

Since it’s a mailing list now, and it has dmarc mitigation turned on, the From address will be If you update it to that, the rule should keep working again. That will be a quick fix for @giovannicimolin’s issue.

I agree it would be good to encode these kind of rules in the mail server config if possible. We can schedule a ticket.

We could; that’s true. Is that something we want to maintain? We would also need to think about authentication for it, since these archives must stay private.


Hooray! Great work here, both from a continuity and communication perspective, thank you!

Yeah, it’s too bad, but makes sense that there’s no way to automatically manage this. At least the old archives are available in the new system.

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OK, I went to look for an example of this email, and I changed it to this rule - if you see something wrong, specify a specific change you’d like me to make? And yes afterwards it will be useful to have this properly on the SMTP server itself.

It’s just HTML files, once generated - keeping a way to follow links from all past discussions is worth spending some time into, or we’ll just lose a large chunk of information. The auth could be a shared HTTP auth login/password.

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:+1: I’ll create a ticket then. Please hold off on MNG-2310 for now then, so we can generate/copy the required files. :slight_smile:

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@antoviaque (CC @swalladge) The fix you applied worked and I’m able to log into soyoustart again now :slight_smile:
Thanks for the quick turnaround!

thanks for the great work here :)

I sometimes receive notifications when cc’ing, such as:

Subject: post from requires approval

Your mail to ‘’ with the subject

Re: Plan and Quote for a Dedicated Resource

Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.

The message is being held because:

Message has more than 10 recipients

Either the message will get posted to the list, or you will receive
notification of the moderator’s decision.

The emails themselves seem to go through without a problem, though, without any intervention. Should I do something to stop receiving these?

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Oh interesting. That’s due to the mailing list processing rules. We can disable all the rules, which sounds like it may be better since our mailing lists are supposed to accept mail from external sources. I’m not sure how important the various rules are for incoming mail though; whether it would be safe to disable them all, or disable the rules that we don’t care about…

An immediate stop-gap solution would be to view the held messages for the billing mailing list and manually accept them.

Thanks for the clarification, @swalladge. I’ve accepted the held messages for now. I’m ok with less rules or no rules at all, but that’s probably not my call!

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Update: we’ve created a static backup of the old help archives, so we can quickly find the email given the old url. Documented in private docs here and can be viewed at

@antoviaque oh I just re-read this and realized I missed the second part when I read it previously sorry. We did document a couple of methods for members to translate the urls (manual and automatic), but if this is something you’re happy to do and won’t add any maintenance burden for you, then it would be convenient, thanks. :slight_smile: The information about what kind of redirect would be required is documented on

Sounds good - I can handle that. It’s good to also have the written instructions, in case something went wrong one day, but it will be better to not break the URLs, so I can put the redirect. Could you create a task for this on the MNG board and assign it to me? I’ll see if I can take this in one of my upcoming sprints.

Thanks @antoviaque , I created MNG-2382. :slight_smile:

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I’m getting nudged by this too after sending an email with more than 10 recipients. I’ve tried going to held_messages, but I’m getting 403 response. Where can I find credentials for this? This query is returning only the passwords for