New template for epic updates

Hi @bebop, @falcon, @serenity!

As part of cell support work on improving processes related to capacity planning and sustainability management I put together a new version of the epic update template.

  • The changes have been designed to reduce the amount of coordination that currently needs to happen between epic owners and epic planning and sustainability managers to properly allocate time for individual projects and update account budgets in SprintCraft.
  • The changes also relate to @gabriel’s work on project management guidelines, and are meant to make it easier for epic owners to stay on top of certain aspects of project management (ref, ref).

You can find them here: public#389.

I’m planning to leave the PR open until the end of Sprint 260a, and merge it in Sprint 260b after addressing any additional feedback.

So if you have any comments, please get them in by Mon Nov 22nd, EOD :slight_smile:

Ticked to log time: OC-5477


Hi @team,

The PR has been merged and the changes are live in the handbook. Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback!

We now have specific templates for different types of epics:

  • fixed scope / fixed budget
  • dynamic scope / monthly budget
  • dynamic scope / no specific budget (i.e., ad-hoc support epics without a monthly budget cap)

Next steps

If you are an epic owner, please start using the new templates for your epics from Sprint 261 on.

I’ll be happy to help if you have any questions :slight_smile:

We’ll do a short poll/survey in a couple months from now to see how things are going with the new templates.