Recruitment - Share job ad with our netwoks

Upvoted the job ad on HackerNews and Stack Overflow. Reposted Gabriel’s post on my LinkedIn and asked a few ex colleagues and friends if they were interested.

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I’m not on LinkedIn and my use of social media is minimal. So I:

  • Upvoted the job ad on HN.
  • Upvoted the job ad on Stack Overflow.
  • Asked a friend to forward the ad via jobs mailing lists from my previous university.
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  • Shared Gabriel’s post on LinkedIn (and got a badge for the first post there).
  • Upvoted HN ad.
  • Upvoted SO ad.
  • Posted an ad on the biggest Polish programming forum.
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I don’t have many contacts or circles, so I:

  • Posted on LinkedIn
  • Upvoted the job ad on StackOverflow
  • Encouraged a few of my friends to learn python and apply
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  • I do not have active accounts on social media sites.
  • Am forwarding the job ad to a few people.
  • I had shared a few job boards earlier here.
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I don’t really use social media either, so I upvoted the stack overflow job ad, and shared this personally with a few friends who I know are looking for tech work.

I don’t see our posting on the ycombinator who’s hiring thread. @antoviaque, I see you’ve posted before here with this text. Shall I post with the same text?
I don’t think much has changed except our total member count. The contact sheet shows 36 now.

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  • Found a local Python PeerLab community and told its members about OpenCraft.
  • Posted an ad on the biggest Ukrainian IT forum.
  • Upvoted the job ad on HN.
  • And yes, I’m in the club of other people who don’t use social media…
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@josh, it’s on 4th page now: Ask HN: Who is hiring? (June 2021) | Hacker News


Ok, I just wrote to 3 people from the latest thread. I’d need more time to write to others; I may continue this week.

@adolfo as recruitment manager: could we know the CRM-related steps we should do, if any, to avoid contacting the same people? I guess I have to add the e-mails of the people I contacted, somewhere.

@antoviaque The next „who’s hiring“ thread will arrive soon, so can we count on exactly 1 person going through the list and contacting people? Will the recruiters be available?

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@daniel I don’t think the recruiters use the HN thread, but I could be wrong - if you want I can put you in touch with them so you can ask them, and make sure to not do it twice if they already do that. Otherwise having only one person looking at it would work best, I agree - are you volunteering? :p

We only ever use a spreadsheet. Currently this one, but previously this other one. Basically, if you find a name in either one, there’s a good chance we either already contacted them, or will do soon.

What I suggest you do is if you get as far as getting someone interested, ask them to fill out the application form, mentioning you contacted them in the appropriate field. That will get their data into the latest spreadsheet automatically.

Thanks; that’s what I did.

We’d still benefit from tracking the candidates contacted by OpenCraft to fill in the form, but who didn’t send it yet. Just to avoid spamming them with the same offer many times.

I’m not volunteering since I already have many roles/epics. Once some role/epic of mine finishes, I could. I’d enjoy it more than e.g. the billing v2 epic.

Is it ok if we ask one of the recruiters to monitor the „who wants to be hired“ page each month and contact people there? Then it will be just one person’s responsibility. I can ask the recruiters about this.
If they don’t do it, it would need to be added to an internal role’s duties, or a new role created, or we just skip that page.

@daniel Sure - I’ve written to one of our recruiters, Alex, asking him about this. I’ve put you in CC, this way you’re now introduced and can take over for any follow-up on this conversation. : ) Thank you!