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Hello team!

We’re currently working on the recruitment page, one of the tasks to come out of the capacity fixing project. One thing that would help the page out is getting testimonials from team members. When you get a bit, can you write up your feelings about working at OpenCraft?



@Fox Thanks for organizing this. Note that some people have already contributed some reviews to glassdoor - so maybe some can be reused (and potentially both ways?).

Maybe-- but Glassdoor reviews are anonymous. I wouldn’t be able to attribute them unless someone spoke up and told me they wrote them.

I wrote this Glassdoor review, but I think the format is way too long to include in the slot allocated in the design (and for our site, they really shouldn’t be long-winded anyway).

Maybe each testimonial could focus on a different aspect of OpenCraft, so that we cover the range of reasons why we work here? e.g.

  • Open First & Open Source
  • Supportive amazing team
  • Large user base
  • Challenging DevOps
  • Quality code
  • Self-managed, flat, evolving structure
  • Remote, flexible, asynchronous
  • Independent, self-directed work
  • Good pay and raises

I can kick this off:

“Working on Open Source means I’m building my portfolio in public where anyone can see – potential clients, colleagues, employers, everyone. It was unnerving at first to take this risk, but Open First promotes quality, collaboration, and kindness. It’s worth it!”


Here’s my testimonial:

“OpenCraft fully embodies its values, and provides a remote and mostly asynchronous workspace that allows you to truly focus on your work, when you want to. You’ll take important decisions, and will be constantly be challenged, in the right way. You’ll work with high-profile clients whose names will look good on your resume. The team is hard-working, brilliant, and very supportive — I couldn’t ask for better colleagues.”

Feel free to shorten if needed, and/or improve the language :slight_smile:

I’ll add it on Glassdoor as well.


So @cassie has them all in one place, here’s mine as well:

“This has hands-down been my favorite place to work. The team takes its remote, open, and flat structure seriously. We do excellent work, and I know I can depend on my team mates. If there’s anything I don’t like about the company, I can work with my teammates to change it, and have done so on more than one occasion.”


Same goes for mine to :slight_smile:

Thanks @gabriel, @jill and @Fox :slight_smile:

@Fox Joining a bit late to the conversation, but anyway, this was my review.

Feel free to shorten it as it is longer than 1-2 sentences :sweat_smile:


I am very very late here but here is my review:

“OpenCraft is an amazing company to work with. Open first culture is taken very seriously here and is one of the best part of the organization. I get to work with a bunch of very talented people and I feel very fortunate to be a part of the team”

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