Usage of e-commerce?

Are we currently using e-commerce for any of the current instances, or planning to use it in any project? It is currently without maintainers, and looking for some - depending on whether we have any plans, it could make sense to consider it.

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ECommerce is installed for one of our clients, the same client with the enterprise setup. I don’t think they are using it for anything apart from handling enterprise enrollments.

As other enterprise software have come to replace the ecommerce-based flow, I intend to migrate the client off e-commerce as well.

@Agrendalath Am I missing something? Is the e-commerce used for anything else?

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@tecoholic, they also use it for generating coupon codes, so that the learners can self-enroll in paid courses. It’s not used frequently, though, and can be replaced with a more straightforward solution if needed.


Thank you.