What music do you listen to?

@gabriel, metal is not really my cup of tea, but I can appreciate your virtuosity in the drums, the quality of the recording, and the video clip itself. Awesome work, congrats!

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Awesome, @gabriel. I like how it sounds traditional death and hinges sometimes in black, at least to my ears. I can feel the influences of Gorguts and Gojira. If not intentional, at least sounded great to me since I like those. And indeed, it was well recorded and produced.

I usually don’t like Clips and Videos on music–I find them silly most of the time I guess? But man, I liked the scene with the X-ray view of the guttural chorus after the Bridge. You guys didn’t record that yourselves, did you? That would have been really cool. \m/_


Thank you all :slight_smile:

@jvdm well heard — we definitely include elements of black metal in our songs, as we find it adds a nice dose of dreadfulness! It’s nice that you mention Gorguts and Gojira, which are two great and very influential bands in their own respect (and the members of both bands speak my native tongue :stuck_out_tongue: ). Funnily enough, Will Putney (who mixed our record) has actually recorded Gojira’s album Magma and mixed it with Joe, their singer.

I am not a big fan of videoclips either, but this one was done (using public domain footage) by a friend of ours who makes horror movies. We’re quite happy with the results, and I’m glad you also liked it!

Well, that’s not entirely true. I really enjoyed watching music videos before the internet era as a young teenager. Back then, you really had to dig and make efforts to find good music (especially growing in rural Eastern Canada). I have good memories of watching clips on the MusiquePlus/MuchMusic TV channel as a kid, discovering new music by well-established metal, punk rock, and hip-hop bands. Stuff like Slayer, Sepultura, Deftones, NOFX, Beastie Boys… good ol’ times!

^^ I’ve listened to Chaos AD more than any other record in my life.

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