2020 Retrospective & 2021 Outlook

Happy new year! :smiley: :partying_face:

I had started writing a forum post to do a retrospective of 2020, provide an outlook of 2021 and discuss some of the priorities for the new year – this turned into a pretty long thing, so I’ve made it a proper document. :slight_smile:

You can use the Google Doc inline thread to comment within the document – though if there are points you would like to discuss more broadly with the whole team, don’t hesitate to comment on them in this thread. (Edit: And a quick warning to read this section of the document before replying to the current forum thread, as I’m planning to make this thread public, if that approach works - let me know in the meantime if not.)

I’ll create dedicated tasks for the upcoming sprint, to make sure everyone has time to review it carefully and comment on it - but in the meantime you can log your time on this ticket.


Thanks for putting this together @antoviaque, and I’m excited that we can afford to allocate more resources to improvements and new projects! You were quite inspired for this document, and it’s nice to see that the team is enthusiatic about it :slight_smile:

In terms of what I’m interested in, I have a few ideas. I spend 10-12h per week on average on accounting/admin stuff, which will leave me with 10-15h/week to spend on other projects. I’ll be happy to support the new bizdev specialist with marketing tasks, support the development of Ocim, improve/maintain our website, and improve our administrative workflows and documentation.

I’ll be quite busy for a number of weeks to onboard and mentor Douglas and the new bizdev specialist + I have a huge pile of tasks in my backlog, but once I get on top of things I’ll be happy to make myself available for new projects :slight_smile:


Thank you for all the comments and replies in the document! It’s really nice to see this taking shape – cheers for all the goodwill and enthusiasm to push those projects forward. :smiley:

To move forward with the plan, we’ll now need to figure out precisely who and when we’ll work on the listed projects. So I’ve created a spreadsheet to recap the list of project, list who expressed interest, and sum up the ownership & planning information for each:

I’m including a task for everyone in the upcoming sprint (BB-3598, FAL-267, SE-3971), to:

  • Check that your name is in all the places you are interested in (and only there!)
  • Decide on the assignation of epic owners & cells - I’ve tried to keep it balanced between cells, to have the roughly the same volume of projects per cell.
  • Get the assigned epic owners, epic planning managers, recruitment managers and UX designers to figure out a plan for when to do the discoveries and start the work.
  • Epic owners will also be moving their epics/tickets to public places this upcoming sprint, as part of the push on open first.

Note that for now I’ve only assigned or tentatively assigned a portion of the projects, to not start everything at once. Only the ones highlighted in yellow & green are starting now (or soon) – but those are ready to be started as soon as we have the required availability and that the discoveries are completed.

And this will of course require additional capacity, so the recruitment managers @usman @paulo @sid have already started reviewing candidates this past sprint, and will continue their recruitment work in the upcoming sprints, until we have the availability we need. Thank you!