2022 Conference - PRs to discuss with upstream

Hello team!

Please post here any PR (or other matters) to be discussed with upstream during the conference.


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Good idea :+1:

From my perspective:

  • Increase grading rounding precision.
    Rounding of subsection scores has been introduced in Hawthorn, though the code does not contain any explanation of why this has been modified. We have observed that it has also introduced double rounding, which under certain conditions can even affect the final (passed/not passed) score. It would be good to understand what we can do to help unblock the product review on this.
  • PDP-8 (Allow setting due dates for an entire course section).
    We have initially asked for its review in September 2018. Then, in 2019, we’ve created this PDP as suggested. Since then, we have also sent a few follow-up pings and an email, but haven’t received any response.
    This is a good opportunity to discuss how we could perform product reviews for controversial changes before we start the implementation part. Whether this is something we should add to the Open edX Roadmap, who we should ping, etc.
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From my side, these are the two PRs, which I would like to discuss with upstream:

  • Change schedule datetime inputs in studio to user timezone
    The course schedule input fields in studio are currently in UTC only. This PR changes that to the user’s prefered timezone. I think this would be a very useful feature for studio users.

  • Export all org and course data for single org
    The edx-analytics-exporter is currently used by edx for Data Package exports, that they provide to their clients. We have made multiple changes/package upgrades to it which in my view makes it more suitable to be used by the wider community. It has already gone through a round of code review from upstream some time back, but hasn’t moved since.

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There is also BB-5271, which is a similar change. The issue with both of these PRs:

  • UQ have reported that there are more places where the fields are only in UTC; since this is billable work, they for now didn’t want to proceed, but if we are going to upstream a solution, it should be complete
  • I’m not 100% sure, but isn’t this UI considered legacy and going to be replaced by the frontend-app-course-authoring MFE?

I just want to note the 2U team has put this in the Community Review state, which means Core Contributors are welcome to review & merge. :slight_smile:

Also I would love this feature!


I think so, but I also don’t know if there’s a timeline on fully developing this MFE yet.

@maxim Thanks for pointing this out. Did they mention which fields were missing those changes ?

The scope of this PR was only limited to the scheduling datetime input fields under Course Schedule section in studio. Perhaps they were refering to other places in the cms/lms where the datetime is still in UTC ?

@kaustav Yeah, they were referring to the similar fields, but in the different places of studio. For now they don’t want us to continue working on this.

@Agrendalath @kaustav Thanks for posting about these PRs that are stuck - I’m currently trying to work out with the product working group how to better handle the product reviews. Some of the PRs you linked were good examples of that, so I’ve mentioned them there: