2022 Conference VISA and invitation letter

Hello @team

If you are going to need a VISA to enter Portugal, let me know as I’ll request invitation letters for everyone.


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I will probably apply for a tourist visa, but would still be good to have an invitation letter.

@paulo I’ll require VISA to enter Portugal :raising_hand_man:

@paulo I will require VISA as well, thanks a lot for doing this :slight_smile:

@paulo I’ll need one too.

@paulo Yes please! (Sorry about the slow response - I’ve been on holiday). Thank you :slight_smile:

@paulo me too. I don’t know if I will need one but it is good to have one

Hey @saksham @Ali @cassie @pooja @farhaan @kaustav @kshitij

Nova is requesting quite a lot of information for the invitation letters: first name, last name, DOB, passport number, passport issue date, passport expiration date, and the issuing country of the passport

Can you fill this sheet?

Might I suggest using a google form? This way only the owner will see the data.

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Hi @paulo,

Thanks for organising the invitation letters! I have added my details to the sheet. I have also added the details for my partner (Lawrence), as he will be travelling with me. He has not yet purchased his conference ticket as he first wants to make sure that we are able to get our visas first. Do you think Nova would be happy to provide an invitation letter for him too? That would be really great! Thanks again for your help :sunflower:

Paulo, you already know that I am no longer able to attend due to visa application issues. Please still request our letters just in case I am able to get a visa for another EU country.

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Good call, I didn’t think of that.

Here’s the form for those who didn’t submit the data yet: Google Forms : connexion

Actually this trick was given to me by @kshitij a few months ago, for a similar situation ;)

@kshitij @farhaan @pooja can you fill out the form?

@cassie I’m not sure they’ll provide the invitation letter without the passport info but I can ask.

@paulo I’ll submit the form for now. This is more a precaution as we’ve heard many different things with regards to travel from South Africa, but it seems I should be fine as I’m flying in with my Italian passport (they usually ask to see my South African passport too but I don’t need a VISA)

@paulo done.

@paulo I’ve added my details to the form as well, because I’ll need a letter too.

However everything that Cassie has said so far about South Africa applies to me so it looks unlikely that I’ll make it.

Well, no pain in asking them :crossed_fingers: