Alternative Jira Clients

Hello folks, I’d like to share my current experiment with an alternative Jira client:

It’s great, and with crafted JQL (still learning and making lots of mistakes), it’s quite fast. So much faster than using the Web search UI that I decided to learn a new QL :roll_eyes:

It’s also helpful for crafted tables in Epic updates I just started using, please let me know what you think if you check the last updates on:

It’s very customizable, even the response templates. Everything is written in Go with YAML as configuration. I look forward to creating some time to delve into both.

Installing in MacOS is as simple as $ brew install go-jira but I prefer:

$ brew install go
$ go get

For Linux, I won’t recommend my route of maintaining the latest Go binaries manually, but install Golang the way you want and use the same go get above.

The configuration is as simple as:

$ cat ~/.jira.d/config.yml
editor: vim
user: viadanna

Now tell me, what other clients do you use for Jira?

I’m interested in exploring further options that allow me to use my newly-found JQL powers :wink: