Announcing the Community Liaison role, and a push for responsiveness

Hey team!

As described by @antoviaque in the 2021 outlook doc, starting next sprint we’ll have an official Community Liaison, held by yours truly to begin with. In short, I’ll be taking over a lot of the community work Xavier has historically done, which includes coordinating our community-facing efforts as a team.

I encourage you to read the role description, but the bit that will likely affect your sprint the soonest is this:

We want to react to direct community contributions ASAP.

In short, if somebody sends us a bug report or a patch, starting tomorrow we’ll have a 2-week deadline to review it, and if possible, fix it if it’s a bug or merge it if it’s a PR. This means that I’ll be triaging PRs and asking firefighters to tackle them.

Think of it this way: we can’t very well complain about upstream not reviewing our submissions if we don’t do it ourselves, right? :wink:


Log time on SE-3945.


PS: I need to find a reviewer for the epic, so that somebody can pick up the slack when/if I’m off. Any takers?

@adolfo Could you mention in the post the related task for logging time?

And the discussions or questions about this role can happen in a separate thread which isn’t „Announcements“ (since „Announcements“ has a 24-h requirement).

We discussed this a few times - it’s quite inconvenient to create separate threads for discussions, and it doesn’t work well (people end up discussing in both threads). Instead, you can just monitor the first post in the announcement threads - either by selecting to only receive notifications for the first post in each thread, or by filtering the initial post and the replies differently in your mailer.

So… As I’m looking to take a little time off at the end of the month, I’m redoubling my efforts to find a reviewer for SE-3945, the community liaison epic. It’s apparently not the most popular job, but it requires a reviewer anyway, and I can tell from personal experience it’s not all that hard. ;)

Changing strategies, let me invite some of you I believe would be particularly suited. As noted previously in the thread, this is not cell-specific, so it can be any core team member. You’ll just need to set aside 8 hours for community work in the first week of sprint 243, as it’s the first time I’ll be off since I took the role. In no particular order, would any of you like to help me out?

If anybody else would like to jump in, that’s totally fine, of course. Thanks!

To be honest, the reviewer role has caught my eye from the time you posted on the forum. I just forced myself to look the other way so I don’t bite off more than I can chew.

I’d be happy to help out!

I do want to give an opportunity, though, for the others to reply, so you can choose the best suited.

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I don’t think I would be able to allocate 8 hours since I’m down to 20 hours a week now. So either you or @guruprasad taking it is fine with me, @nizar

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Thanks @nizar and @Fox!

Nizar, sure, it’s fine if we wait a little longer, but I’m sure you’d be able to do the work splendidly. I’ll create a ticket for the catch-up session on SE.242 and tentatively assign it to you, ok? Otherwise it’d be a sprint insertion. If you have second thoughts, we can then reassign it to somebody else.

Thanks again! :pray:

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Yeah! Sounds good :+1:

No second thoughts, but I just want to make sure @guruprasad has his chance to take the role if he wants to because he mentioned he was interested in it on mattermost long before I did.

Just to close the loop on this thread - I informed Adolfo that I won’t have the capacity to be the reviewer and the first backup for this role and offered to be the second backup. :slight_smile:

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