Aspects Analytics in Harmony?

The Data Working Group meeting on Aug 9 will include a Product Proposal presentation for Aspects v1, which will go into beta next month, and aspires to be production ready by the end of 2023.

The Aspects Tutor plugin (formerly known as the Open Analytics Reference System or OARS) provides an analytics processing and presentation pipeline using Open edX and 3rd-party tools like ClickHouse and Apache Superset. Operators can opt to use ClickHouse Cloud, and that’s what we’re recommending for production users, but the other tools are best managed as docker containers on Kubernetes.


  • Which of our current clients want Aspects Analytics with their Open edX deployments?
  • How hard do we think it will it be to add support for Aspects deployments with Grove Harmony?
  • Can we get involved early enough in the Aspects v1 planning to make Grove the recommended deployment method? N/A
  • Does anyone have CC time and interest in integrating Aspects v1 into Harmony?

EDIT Changed my question from “Grove” to “Harmony” here, in response to @braden 's answer below.

CC @gabor @Fox @braden

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I don’t think that makes sense necessarily, as we’re currently the only ones using Grove significantly. The common infrastructure for k8s is being built in Harmony so I would focus on making it easy to deploy if you’re using Harmony+Tutor.

We’re going to be refactoring Grove to use Harmony, so if it works with Harmony+Tutor, it will easily work with Grove too.

Oh! My apologies… I didn’t understand the distinction here.

I’ll amend my question above to involve Harmony instead of Grove…

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Closed in favor of this discussion: Aspects Analytics in Harmony? - DevOps - Open edX discussions

Just wanted to mention MoE will definitely want it, still not clear when.