Axim Funded Contributions 2024

As part of the Tackling sprints without enough tasks discussion, I went looking for Axim’s list of Upcoming Funded Contributions, to see if any would be a good fit for us.

There’s two coming up that could be good ones for us to bid for given our experience:

I was also wondering how are we monitoring for new funded contribution opportunities?

Falcon might try for one of these next year, depending on the Modular Learning project capacity, and I expect Bebop may want to do the same, so we should coordinate to avoid submitting multiple quotes.


Hi @jill !

I’ve got a subscription to the forum thread where the funded contributions are posted when they pop up.

The LTI project is something we’re already involved in, and are likely to see some work for-- our team has already scoped out some work and Axim is revising their scope for it right now based on our feedback.

As for the second item-- the General Accessibility Project, that involves becoming an accessibility consultant for Axim. At the time I didn’t file a proposal and thought it was taken and closed already. I see that it’s still open, so perhaps we should apply there. That would likely mean having someone build SME in accessibility beyond what we currently know to provide advisement, but that is something I’m sure we’d be willing to do. Is anyone on the @team especially interested in Accessibility as a development discipline?

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Awesome, thank you, that’s great to know.

Sweet. I’d hoped we were still involved in LTI!

Ah, not yet – Sarina plans to update it in the new year, so we can reapply then.

Thanks @Fox !

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