BB-4592 Extra API's for Open edX?

A client was asking about extra/custom API’s for Open edX in addition to the standard API’s provided by the lms and studio. Is anyone aware of any plugins or apps that provide custom API’s? Especially interested in API’s that provide more capability for user and course management, but also any others in general.

Ticket: BB-4592

Unfortunately, I’m not aware, but I’d be interested too – out of curiosity.

I think it depends on the requirements, there are lots of plugins that add APIs, such as openedx-completeion-aggregator, the lti consumer xblock etc.

For specifically User registration etc, why not use third party auth? With third party auth, you can keep accounts in sync, including changes in profile details like name email etc.

The solutions fork of edx-platform used by Yonkers also has api extensions for user management for example, though they probably won’t work out of the box with vanilla, and I wouldn’t recommend them.

Open edX now has frontend-app-authn which is an auth MFE, so might be worth looking into what that is doing.


Hmm, the extensions directory should be a good place to look for that, if you filter by “django plugin”, but it seems to be broken at the moment.

openedx-completion-aggregator is an API plugin for getting course-level and section-level completion information.

cohort-manager is related to user/course management but is not an API.

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