Bi-weekly summary of handbook changes

Hi team,

A gitlab pipeline will post a summary of the modifications to the public handbook repo every two weeks.

This is used to streamline the process of informing team members of changes to the handbook or processes that affect them.

Related Jira ticket: BB-6109



Summary of merge requests for opencraft/documentation/public from 2022-04-19

Merge request: feat: [BB-6109] announce handbook summary of changes
Description: This MR implements a script to automatically summarize merge requests in handbook repo and posts it in announcements forum

Testing instructions

HANDBOOK_SUMMARY_NO_OF_DAYS=24 make post_summary

It should print summary in terminal

How change summary will be displayed in forum

Author: Navin Karkera

For more details visit: #440.



Summary of merge requests for opencraft/documentation/public from 2022-05-03

Merge request: Adding Dat to cell list
Description: Adding Dat to cell list

Author: Saksham Agrawal

For more details visit: #444.

Merge request: Update security notification process [MNG-2952]
Description: I created a new email address for security notifications. It will trigger the creation of an OpsGenie alert, so that the on-call team can triage it. This email will be used for security notifications from associated software projects as well as internally to escalate a security issue.

Author: Braden MacDonald

For more details visit: #442.