Building the marketing sites for OpenCraft's automation tools

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Hi everyone,

Since Larry (our one and only developer) left Fixate back in August, @cassie and I have been thinking about the best way to tackle the marketing websites of SprintCraft, Billing, Workflow Manager etc. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the below options (as well as any others you might think of). Since the sites are for OpenCraft, naturally the choice would need to be open source.

  1. Fixate provides the design files and someone at OpenCraft develops the sites
  2. Fixate provides the design files and sub-contracts an external developer to develop the sites
  3. Fixate builds the sites in-house using Ghost

Any other ideas? :thinking:

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I’d vote for 2 first — we’re in the process of hiring a new web agency and I believe they would be up for it. If this doesn’t work for some reason, we can look at other providers too. 3 would also be a good backup option.

What do others think?

(can you please provide a ticket for logging time, please?)


+1 for the ticket number and thoughts.

Since we are hiring a web agency, I think the best would be to delegate the work towards them, since we could do client work until then. Though I love to develop websites too so I’m up for that as well.

About Ghost, I like the idea either. It is open-source and I use it too. It is easy to use, easy to edit, templates can be done for that really quick if needed and highly customizable. Regarding Ghost, the question is how do we want to host the sites.

In case we want to do a static site served by CDN, Ghost is out of scope.

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Hi @gabriel and @gabor,

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Cool! Once you’ve settled on an agency, I could always chat to them to discuss how they prefer to receive design files etc. We’ll quickly get into a flow working together.

This is a great option too! Depending on what’s decided in this thread, we could always check your availability when we start working on the designs for the marketing sites (nothing has been scheduled yet).

I’ll leave the technical decisions to the experts :wink:

P.s. I’ve added a ticket to my original post. Here’s a quick link too.