Call for articles - OpenCraft blog

Hi @team, I’m looking for volunteers to write articles for the OpenCraft blog. We currently post 1 new article every month, and would like to keep (or increase!) that rate.

Blog posts can be about all kinds of topics, from projects and tools you’ve worked on, to platform updates, technical tutorials, and news about the Open edX or OpenCraft community and culture.

Everyone is welcome to submit ideas, including newcomers and people from outside OpenCraft itself (this thread is public)!

Here are some ideas left over from last year:

OCIM Roadmap + projects
OpenStack Production Deployment proposal
what components are responsible for what job in the stack, like a walkthrough introduction
How can I integrate Open edX with X application?
Updated Tutorial on Encrypting w/ dm-crypt and LUKS
BD Project: Discussions (joint post) → @kshitij?
BD Project: Blockstore Libraries (joint post) → @saksham?
H5P + LTI 1.3 Deep Linking

You can also look at the former thread for ideas previously discussed (this one is private, as it contains client info).

If you’re interested in contributing, here’s the process as described in the handbook, and let us know!

ticket to log time

@gabriel, Daniel Seaton from MIT has expressed interest in getting the word out on the code we produced for SE-3741. I told him it the easiest place to start would be to put something up on OpenCraft’s blog. I’d write most of it, but he might want to get a paragraph in or two, along with proper co-authorship credit. Objections?

@adolfo that’s great news! You can go right ahead and plan a task for it, all good! Thanks.

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@gabriel it sounds like this blog is more technically focused than the Open edX blog? If so there may be some things worth contributing from tCRIL (if that’s desired from your side). I would be happy to write on the core contributor program (specifically the coding persona) once the OEP is through review. I hope to write something on the Open edX blog about it, but it would be more generic and geared towards non-technical contributors.


@sarina it is usually more technical, yes. The articles that had the most comments/traction were definitely technical ones. And we’d be absolutely delighted to have you and other members of tCRIL contribute to the blog :slight_smile:

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@gabriel There is still topic on caching which we can write a technical blog post, this can add value to the community and more documentation on running Open edx instances.

We are also working on Retirement Service for a client and came to know that there is literally no one who has written a blog post about how Retirement service work which can be a good blog post I feel with respect to this we are as well writing a Django Plugin so it will be a good way to let the community know that something like this utility exists. :slight_smile:


Great ideas @farhaan, thank you! Would you be up for writing them? Who’s working on the retirement issue?


Correct me if I am wrong but we have never done a blog post about how we deal with fires, given we dealt with OVH fire in the literal sense. I think it can be a really nice blog post about how we ensure that someone is always there to handle fire and we do it out of the sheer will to provide the best experience possible to the clients.

…this is also a great idea :slight_smile: from this thread

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Thank you :slight_smile: I can work on caching, for retirement service it will be good if @kaustav writes it since he recently authored an edx-platform plugin that supports retirement service for the client.

Indeed, we should take pride in the process that we have polished so far. I have seen Zapier do such blog posts and we should also be very vocal of our process :slight_smile: I will be happy to do this blog as well unless @kshitij has the capacity to do it :slight_smile:


I would love to write an article about the retirement service. :smiley:

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Thank you @farhaan @kaustav :) Can I let you following the process and create tickets accordingly?

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@farhaan @kaustav quick reminder to please schedule your tickets (with me as 2nd reviewer) if not done already, thanks!

@gabriel Will do :slight_smile:

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@gabriel Created BB-5549 for blog on Retirement service

@farhaan Assigned you reviewer there.

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Hi @gabriel - the OEP has gone through, and we have a few small addendums going through review now. Would you be interested in this post? If so I will start a draft and get it sent to you (is Google Docs ok, or do you prefer another format?) Or, are there any other topics that your blog may find interesting from tCRIL?

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@sarina great news :) We’d be interested, for sure! Google Docs is perfect. And honestly, I’d be surprised that any of your topics/proposals would not be interesting to us. Thank you!

@farhaan did you end up scheduling a ticket for your blog post?

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@gabriel Yes, I have :) Log in - OpenCraft, thanks for following up.

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Hi @gabriel

I’ve been thinking about what I could write a blog post about. Listaflow has been my life lately, so I wonder if it would be a good candidate? I could perhaps talk about moving the Core Contributor sprint retros from to Listaflow - that way, it would be Open edX-related too.

What do you think? Is this the type of thing that makes sense to blog about?


@Ali that’s a great idea, and a good way to publicize (y)our fine work on this app :+1: If you’re up for it, you can go ahead and schedule a ticket for an upcoming sprint, and follow the steps as per our handbook. Thank you for contributing to our blog! :slight_smile:


@gabriel Cool! Thanks for confirming the topic, directing me to the procedure, and complimenting Listaflow! :smile:

I’ll go ahead and schedule a ticket. Just got to figure out my schedule first…