Cancelling the pr-watcher on

Hi @team

We’ve recently move to using hosted Wordpress for instead of running on an OVH VM.

When I deleted this VM, I noticed that we still had a PR watching service running on it. However it was watching edx-platform/docs/decisions/ for any changes and sending a notification to

Since that google group doesn’t exist anymore, does anyone have any objections to retiring this service?

Ticket for logging time.

Hi @keithgg ! I don’t think we need that service running anymore, so feel free to remove it.

IIRR, edX/2U were going to deploy it to their architecture, cf BB-1922. But even if they haven’t, the code is still available if they ever want to: GitHub - open-craft/pr_watcher_notifier: A flask web application to handle pull request webhook events and send notification when watched files are changed

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Ah, great stuff. Thank you @jill!

edX has their own PR watcher now which sends emails to subscribers for any “ADR” pull requests in any repo. I’m on the list so I can confirm it’s still working. I’m not sure what code it’s using but it could be based on pr_watcher_notifier. In any case, this one is fine to retire.

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I wrote the app (with the help of reviews from Jill and Ned) and deployed the instance on a separate VM. Iirc, it was It should be possible to search Jira to find out more about it.

When edX decided to use it, Ned set up an instance on edX’s infrastructure using the source from the GitHub repository and configured it to post ADR notifications to the Open edX Slack channel of the same name.

So yes, we can decommission the instance that we have in our infrastructure.

Please let me know if need any additional details.


I did not set this up on the VM and do not know who did and when. Sorry!


Thanks for the info @guruprasad! Always good to see you around here :slight_smile: I hope you’re doing well.