Cancelling the pr-watcher on

Hi @team

We’ve recently move to using hosted Wordpress for instead of running on an OVH VM.

When I deleted this VM, I noticed that we still had a PR watching service running on it. However it was watching edx-platform/docs/decisions/ for any changes and sending a notification to

Since that google group doesn’t exist anymore, does anyone have any objections to retiring this service?

Ticket for logging time.

Hi @keithgg ! I don’t think we need that service running anymore, so feel free to remove it.

IIRR, edX/2U were going to deploy it to their architecture, cf BB-1922. But even if they haven’t, the code is still available if they ever want to: GitHub - open-craft/pr_watcher_notifier: A flask web application to handle pull request webhook events and send notification when watched files are changed

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Ah, great stuff. Thank you @jill!

edX has their own PR watcher now which sends emails to subscribers for any “ADR” pull requests in any repo. I’m on the list so I can confirm it’s still working. I’m not sure what code it’s using but it could be based on pr_watcher_notifier. In any case, this one is fine to retire.

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