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Hello, @team !

As part of finishing up the Sales Training and Improvement Epic, we have been gathering stories about how individual team members have found ways to build solid relationships and create new opportunities with our clients. The primary forum thread for these stories is here– it’s private, since it does contain client-specific information.

To help us be more mindful of ways we might anticipate our clients’ needs, I’ve added a sprint checklist task to our Monday template for sprint checklist tasks. Client owners should find this task appearing in their checklist starting next sprint (I think).

I put it near the beginning of the sprint rather than near the end, since taking time to reflect on ways we might anticipate a client’s needs is likely better done before we would be creating tickets later in the sprint. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this approach or if there’s some other thing we might do to serve as a reminder-- I do know the sprint checklist is a bit large already. It would probably be nicer if this were something we carved out time to do every other sprint or so, but the tooling (as far as I know) doesn’t support it, so every sprint it is.

This has also come paired with a small change to the handbook, which I have not yet merged in, but which reflects that we do take time to think on this periodically.


uh oh. So these templates don’t have versioning, and we have some changes that we’ll be rolling out in FAL-2156. I think we need to standardize a process for making updates, so that conflicting updates don’t get lost. Currently (I think) we’ve been following:

  • clone the live template
  • make changes and do the standard review cycles
  • update crafty-bot config to use the new template
  • archive and rename the old one
  • rename the new template as the canonical/live template

CC @gabor


I almost did the same process up until now. Instead of updating the config, deleting the old template, and renaming the new one, I just simply did a little double-bookkeeping and after a review, I just simply changed the original template too.

Although that worked on smaller edits, it wouldn’t work on bigger ones, so what you mentioned is definitely better, though takes a bit more time (but it’s safer). The only change I would do is to not delete the old one, but rename it to include the current date and archive the board. In that way, the board can be unarchived anytime.

@swalladge Oh dear! I hadn’t thought about any particular conflicts. I just updated the existing board template. And that’s how I did it for the Client Briefing update task, too.

Would you be willing to transcribe the process you’ve been doing in the handbook or similar? I’d be willing to remove my added checklist item, circle back and follow it as a way to validate.

Update: Coordinated with @ChrisChV to get the task included, so probably won’t circle back to redo this as mentioned earlier. However, it would still be good to document this process somewhere.

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Definitely, we can make a task to do that. I think there are several places in the handbook need updating to reflect how we use the new checklists.

EDIT: created FAL-2193

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