Conference: recap blog and please share photos

Hi @team! We had the best time at the conference, and now is the time to write about it :slight_smile:

I’m preparing a blog post and will need your input on two things:

  • Can you please look at the draft and let me know if anything is missing? Your suggestions are most welcome!
  • Can you please share the pictures you’ve taken? Either share a link, or upload them here.

If you do not want to appear on any photos in the blog post (which will be public), please let me know.

Thank you!

ticket to log time


…aaaand the blog post is now live. Let me know if you spot anything you’d like to be changed or removed.


@gabriel Oh nooo! I didn’t manage to upload my photos yet!
Edit: just added a link to my pictures - not many good ones though, and I haven’t had time to edit any.

Added my photos too !!!

Sorry for the delay :frowning:

The blog looks great !

However, I did not find any mention of @maxim’s famous expensive jacket which was a mini highlight of sorts for our trip :stuck_out_tongue: (Just kidding)


@gabriel Awesome job with the article! It captures the vibe of retreat and conference really well <3


@gabriel What a lovely read! Good job :clap:

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BTW videos from all the talks have been posted, so I’ve put links to them on a new page in our docs: Tech Talks - OpenCraft Technical Documentation