Contributing to the Open edX Roadmap

tCRIL is currently working on updating the roadmap, as well as the processes around it – they are looking to make it more exhaustive, including more sources of upcoming roadmap items for the whole community: from edX, universities, providers like OpenCraft, etc. And try to help making more of it happen.

Ed is asking if we could provide the items from our own contributions to the project, and add them to the roadmap.

@gabriel @Fox @braden @Agrendalath You might all have a few projects in mind to contribute to the list? Would one of you (or anyone else!) be willing to coordinate building that list, asking for help from epic owners as needed, and then contributing the corresponding items to a community roadmap ticket? Any recent or upcoming upstream contributions could be good to include, as well as plugins or side projects that might be useful to the community, including internal projects like theming, mongo removal, grove…

[ Ticket to log time ]

We touched on the subject a few weeks ago following a meeting with Jenna. My understanding was that @Agrendalath would be responsible for that task, but I might be misremembering.

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I don’t want to speak for @Agrendalath, but he has an awful lot on his plate already… is there anyone else with time to do this?


Ah, I have missed the full scope of this task and thought it was only related to BD projects…
If we want to include all of our projects and ideas (other than from this spreadsheet), then I would prefer not to coordinate this myself (at least in this sprint), as I don’t have enough context on epics from other cells, and getting up to date would take a while.

@Agrendalath don’t worry, if your plate is full someone else will handle this.

I don’t mind doing it, especially if the time spent on coordinating can count towards my Core Contributor hours. Would that be the case?

@gabriel Yup, establishing and maintaining the roadmap are big priorities for the Open edX project currently, so it seem completely reasonable to include the time spent updating our portion of it as core contributor time. It benefits the whole project - and hopefully having it publicized there will generate new collaborations? In any case, thank you for taking this on!

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Okay, then – I scheduled STAR-2356 to start the “sync” process.


Hi @team,

Aside from the blended development projects with edX, are you working on (or planning to work on) something that will result in platform contributions? If so, please give me a link to the epic or ticket, so I can add it to the public Open edX Roadmap.

Thank you!

ticket to log time.

I think you already know about that one, but just for consistency I’ll link it here - BB-5559.

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Jenna Makowski (Product Manager, tCRIL) has provided the following roadmap ticket template draft for our review, and would like our feedback. Is anything missing or wrong?

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Here’s the template:

Open edX Community Roadmap: Initiative Ticket Template

README: This template standardizes a method of representing all current, in-flight Initiatives and in-planning Initiatives that will be contributed to the Open edX Platform. It is intended to provide a high-level overview of the scope of the work, the approach, the value-add, and the anticipated impact. It should be written in such a way that a newcomer who may be unfamiliar with the Open edX platform can quickly gain an understanding of the “what”, the “why” and the “how” of the Initiative.

Title: [Name of the Initiative]


[2-3 sentences that provide a brief summary of the goal of the Initiative and the intended outcome. For example, if the Initiative is intended to fix a problem or pain point, include a problem statement and the proposed solution. If the Initiative is a new feature or an enhancement, include a statement about how the new feature will improve the platform, and for whom the improvements are intended.]

Context and background:

[A paragraph providing relevant background information about the Initiative. What key pieces of information are important for newcomers to understand about the nature of the problem or pain point, the current user experience, etc.]

Scope and Approach:

[A paragraph outlining the scope of the Initiative and a description of how the work is being done. If appropriate, please provide links or a brief description of any market research or user feedback/input that has shaped the Initiative. Please include links to any design documentation that may be relevant. Who is the primary persona, ie the primary recipient of the benefits of this Initiative? If the Initiative is in early Discovery phases, please describe the Discovery method/hypothesis being tested.]

Value and Impact:

[Please include the metrics being used to measure success for the Initiative. How will the Open edX platform and/or experience be measurably better than before?]

Milestones and/or Epics:

[If the Initiative is being addressed incrementally, please include a list and a brief description of each groomed, in-progress or completed Milestone or Epic.]

Milestone 1: [Title]

  • [1-2 sentence abstract. Include key user stories if appropriate]
  • [Impact metric]
  • [Link to Epic where it may exist in GH, jira, etc]

Milestone 2: [etc etc]

Timeline: [Recognizing that many Initiatives evolve incrementally, please include a brief scope of the Initiative timeline. Please include a target Named Release, with contingencies if necessary.]

Other required metadata:

[The following are pre-set fields. Please select from the available options in each dropdown menu.]

Proposed by: [Name of Provider/Organization]

Effort: [Is this a blended or collaborative Initiative, or a solo contribution]

Platform map:

Named release: [First Named Release to include this Initiative]

Here’s the live Open edX Roadmap Issue Submission Form.

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@gabriel Thanks for keeping us on the loop on this! And it’s great to see the progress of the roadmap project. You have had all the submissions that you need? If not, don’t hesitate to create individual tasks for all the core team members who have epics – it can be easier to contribute to this when there is time dedicated to it.

@antoviaque thanks for checking in. So far I have only three projects to add (this week): 2 blended projects for which we’ve done discoveries but won’t be taken by edX, and one discussed above (LTI central keys, BB-5559). Ed took care of adding projects for which we had submitted proposals in 2020, and edX will be adding ongoing blended projects.

@gabriel OK, thanks for the update. Are you confident you have all the relevant projects submitted? If that’s not already the case, it would be worth getting confirmation from all epic owners that they did look into this. That would ensure that we are thorough on this for tCRIL (ie that we don’t come up with new surprise upstream submissions in the future, that we had known about now).

Ok, I’ll ping all epic owners directly and get them to confirm whether they’re working on projects that might lead to contributions. This way we’ll be certain.


I reviewed the epics and pinged the owners – we might unearth a few more projects for the roadmap.

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Quick note: all new tickets resulting from this process should be linked to the Contributions account.

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We’ll be adding a few projects to the roadmap (it was a good idea to ping people individually, after all :stuck_out_tongue:)

  • Learner Dashboard MFE
  • unnamed_client contributions
  • MFE theming
  • LTI central keys
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@braden Do we have a roadmap item for Grove and/or the current Kubernetes collaboration effort? If not, could we post one for the collaboration effort, linking to the proposal document you will be working on with Felipe?

@antoviaque Sure, good idea - I have added that to the scope of MNG-3166 which is my ticket for that proposal.