Contributions epic has been merged with core contributor program

Hi @team,

Just a heads-up that:

  1. The Contributions epic has been merged with the core contributor program.
  2. The core contributor program has been moved from the SE project to MNG.

This was done to simplify planning for contributions work (#1), and to keep time spent managing the core contributor program from impacting Serenity’s sustainability (#2).

If you’d like to get additional context, head on over to OC-5481 and have a look at the conversation in the comments.

What this means for you

The updates described above shouldn’t impact you much.

The only thing that’s changed is that tickets for contributions should be associated with the core contributor program epic going forward.

The account to use for these tickets is still OC-CONTRIB, and tickets should continue to be created in the project that corresponds to your cell. (I.e., members of Bebop/Falcon/Serenity should create BB/FAL/SE tickets, respectively.)



Hi @tikr

I’ve only recently been made a core contributor and am still trying to find my way around. I’m not part of a cell, so am unsure of where to put my tickets. Shall I just use “Management (MNG)” as the project?


Hey @Ali!

Yes, you can use MNG or BIZ as the project for your core contributor tickets.

Looping in @antoviaque, as he may have a preference for one over the other :slight_smile:

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@Ali @tikr The best is to use BIZ tickets. It’s not the most accurate name (maybe we should get around to find a better name for the “non cell” cell? “Support cell”?), but we keep MNG tickets for manager tasks (ie Braden or me).


@antoviaque it would indeed make sense to name the “no cell” cell, now that it’s more than just me. “Support Cell” sounds ok to me - but how about we pick up a cool spacecraft name too? I’m proposing Deathstar, Tardis, and Arcadia :stuck_out_tongue:

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U.S.S. Enterprise

To boldly go where no cell has gone before :laughing:


cc. @tikr @DouglasDraper @Fox @Ali @cassie :dark_sunglasses:


Deathstar or Enterprise both sound good to me. The Jira prefix for Deathstar could be STAR-, which would also be funny because it would bring to mind a *, for wildcards-- stuff that applies company-wide.


It looks like we’re on board with renaming the Biz cell to “Deathstar”. How do we go about doing that? I can schedule a documentation task to update the handbook, but someone else will need to fiddle with Jira :slight_smile:


Deathstar :skull_and_crossbones: :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Fox, would you be interested in 1) review my documentation changes, and 2) handling the Jira part?

@gabriel I’m not sure I have sufficient permissions, but I should be able to get the ball rolling at least. Can you create a ticket for the work? If I can’t hit it tomorrow, I should be able to next sprint.

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@Fox I’ll create a ticket later today, for next week. Thank you!