Since this has come up a few times recently:

  • https:// courses. opencraft. hosting is the internal lms url for our Open edX instance. It can be accessed through this url, but things like auth don’t work correctly. At one stage it appears that this was the only url for it, and this is why it’s still hanging around in places.
  • is the official public facing url.

I’ve opened PRs against the docs repos to update old references to the internal url, and updated in a couple of google docs I could find.

Maybe there’s a way to block access through the internal url to avoid this case, or make the internal url official as well (either switch back or change the config to make it work)? It could help avoid this case.

Either way, if you have the old/internal url bookmarked, please update it to the new url so you don’t run into further issues. :slight_smile:

Ticket: FAL-786