Dealing with extra capacity in the current environment

Hi @team

With my recent move to Bebop there seems to be a lack of billable work that can be assigned to me. Unfortunately, I’m not the only in this situation as @maxim mentioned a lack of dev work for the last 4 months.

I think that most everyone knows that this is a problem, but we don’t really have any concrete solutions as to how to deal with it. In the past members of Bebop could supplement their hours by working internal projects or DevOps tickets, but that’s not possible at the moment due to sustainability concerns.

So this thread is to discuss the issue, how we can work around it in the short term and if possibly solve it in the long term as well.

Note: This is tangentially related to Creating Forward tickets more regularly - #20 by kshitij.

[ticket to log time will follow]


I’ve added a few tickets from the Ethiopia project last night. I wish I could get these into the backlog earlier instead of last minute but I depend on them assigning us work.


We need to get the BB-6600 project going faster (won’t say details on this public thread) so if there are opportunities to accelerate the work by getting more devs working in parallel I think the client will appreciate it.

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There are three FAL tickets in the upcoming sprint for BB-7102, but no one is assigned to them, and all the Falcon team members are currently overcommitted. Will ping epic owners there, but I know this project has budget and a rapid timeline.


Just FYI, while the dedicated devs should get first priority (which is why I haven’t chirped up yet), I am expecting to have some hours free during this sprint and can take a small task. After this sprint, my hours may be increasing significantly for a while, so I’ll be able to pitch in on some of these projects. :slight_smile:

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Even I could not fill up my hours for last few sprints due to insufficient tickets, but it was not a big issue for me as it gave me more time with my new born and get adjusted to this big change in life. But now it would be good to at least fill up 70% of my hours which I am hoping to be the case from next sprint as Redis - event bus project starts. Anyways, thank you @keithgg and @maxim for bringing this issue up for discussion.

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How are we looking for next sprint? Does Bebop have enough work and prospective projects now?

I wasn’t filling more than 30% of my hours since October, but that was fine for me, as I anyway wasn’t very productive and my tickets were spilling over frequently. I’d prefer to keep this amount of hours for some time. However, this sprint I wasn’t able to find even a single ticket initially. @paulo has offered me to help with BB-7106, so now I should have enough work for this sprint.

Idk yet. The only project I’ve heard updates from is the Redis Event Bus. @navin was meeting with them today, afaik, for the first time, so no guarantees it will generate work for the next sprint.