Demo of OCIM Theme Customizer and Learnings

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OCIM Theme Customizer

This is the demo for OCIM Theme Customizer, which was supposed to be OCIM UX 2.1 all though we were able to achieve a lot of work here and revamp the look and feel of the OCIM interface.

Ticket to log time: BB-4200

The good parts:

  1. We have a new OCIM console user interface.
  2. We have a new style guide for any future changes.
  3. Better User Experience

The learnings for upcoming epics (Things that I should have done better):

  1. When relying on newcomers for tasks, try not to give critical tasks to the newcomers.
  2. Continuous follow-ups if the tasks are lagging or you feel they are lagging :running_man: - there is a thin line between micromanagement and follow-up.
  3. If you are very sure that a critical task is going under a spillover, raise a flag :red_square: and clip the scope :scissors:, re-orient the epic :compass:.
  4. Try to control over-engineering :triangular_ruler: , this can be ideated upon planning the epic but not while implementing the tickets. Remember all the discussions that are happening on the tickets they are also pushing the work for another day.

I feel good about the work done but how much ever I think I feel I could have done a better job at managing the Epic.

Major Kudos :

@giovannicimolin for helping me with forming the ticket and understanding the Epic.

@Ali for the work on the design and pitching in whenever we needed help.

@cassie for all the work and for helping me make those crucial decisions.

Let me know if there are any questions :slight_smile: and Thank you.


Thank you for the demo, and very nice work @farhaan @Ali @cassie @giovannicimolin :smiley: This is a very neat improvement upon the previous version!

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Congrats everyone - looks fantastic :slight_smile:

Question: does this bring us any closer to being able to get rid of the “old” UI at I went to check this new UI out but it says “This page is not accessible by staff users yet.”

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@braden these changes touch client/customer-facing interface, so a short answer to your question

is No, it doesn’t touch that part of the codebase.

The long answer will be the origination of OCIM UX 2.1 started with the intention to make the UX of the customer-facing interface more appealing to help to make onboarding new customers easy while the UI on is only used by the staff.

yes this UI is only accessible to the customers, you can create a test account to check it out. :slight_smile:

Hope that answers your question. :slight_smile:

Thanks @gabriel

@farhaan thanks for this demo :slight_smile:

@Ali and I are happy with how it all turned out :grin: Great work to you, and @giovannicimolin! We look forward to improving it further when we get the chance.


@farhaan Kudos for managing this epic, as well as to @cassie @Ali and everyone who worked on the implementation – it’s a significant step up from the old clunky Ocim interface :slight_smile:

And thanks also for the nice demo and the post-mortem – that’s something I wish we did more often at the end of projects, either internal or external ones, it’s really useful to see what has been accomplished, and get everyone to benefit from the experience.

PS: Would you mind moving this thread to the public category? I don’t think there is anything in here that needs to remain private? Also it would likely fit more in the “Discussions” section, since there is no urgency to get it seen by everyone within 24h, which is what the “Announcements” section is for.

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@antoviaque sure I have moved the post to the public discussion :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks for the demo @farhaan and nice work on this epic! :clap:

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