Developing OCIM using Docker

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to announce that Docker based development for OCIM has finally been merged to master.
While this is still a bit rough (the images are not production-ready until BB-4246 lands), it should simplify OCIM development a bit (especially for those who, like me, are running Apple Silicon).

The OCIM documentation has been updated to include instructions for setting up the development environment, so take a look and feel free to leave any comments.

Apologies for hijacking the announcements category :sweat_smile:


That’s nice to hear, @joao.cabrita! When do we plan on using Docker deployments for all new Ocim instances? Or is this not the same thing? If this affects deployment time, we’ll probably need to update our standard estimates, cc. @Fox

@gabriel These changes don’t create docker images for Open edX deployments. They just make OCIM itself able to run in a container for development, rather than Vagrant, which is slower and less supported across processor architectures. This is important because more of our developers are beginning to, or are looking at, switching to computers running the ARM architecture rather than the x86_64 architecture. Most notably, Apple’s new Macbooks.


Yep, IMO we’re most likely to see the impact of this on time spent working on OCIM changes because setting up a new dev environment is faster (and easier for newcomers and non-OpenCraft contributors).

It might also set the stage for deploying OCIM itself in a container but, since I’m not familiar with how it’s deployed at the moment, I can only speculate on what the economics of that look like.

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@joao.cabrita Thanks a lot for working on this. I will definitely try this on my next OCIM task. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this, @joao.cabrita! It’s sure to make everybody’s lives here a whole lot easier!