Devstack deprecation in Olive

Hello @team ,

Just to raise awareness, the openedx/devstack (support) will be deprecated in the Olive release and removed before the Poplar one.

The replacement for Devstack is Tutor.


Can we move a little ahead of this and at least start developing things and testing them locally with a hybrid model(Tutor + Dervstack)? I am sure we will have a lot of “How Tos” that we can document and be ready.

I think this is upon us. I mean it’s our choice to start a development or debugging for a client on a Tutor devstack :innocent:

I’ve switched to using Tutor for development recently, and it’s been a nice experience so far.

Mainly because it’s much simpler to understand and use than the devstack. You can read all its source code in a few hours.

Manipulating multiple Open edX instances is as simple as having multiple virtualenvs with needed Tutor package version and right TUTOR_ROOT environment variable.

Also, I don’t see how I can break it to the extent I have to “re-provision” from scratch, unlike the devstack.

However, not all tests are passing in the “nightly” version, which is for running the recent edx-platform version. It’s mentioned in the official Tutor docs that help with fixing them is welcome — probably we can schedule a few community contribution tickets?