Docker based development in Mac

Recently I bought a Macbook Pro, it’s running on Big Sur. I’ve faced a couple of hiccups while setting my dev environment and in development in general. I just wanted to share the important issues and how those can be solved. I would appreciate it if any mac user gives me some tips to make my development faster in mac. :slight_smile:


I wasn’t aware of the docker performance issues in Mac. Later I find out that NFS can be used to speed up Docker-based development in Mac.

But the NFS setup script of edx-devstack seems to have an issue with Mac versions Catalina and up. The volume directory has changed from /Users to /System/Volumes/Data in Catalina and later versions.

I’ve opened a PR to fix this issue -

Recursive Copy

Whenever I create a new devstack, I copy an existing devstack with all the repos. This helps me avoid cloning large repos all over again. I was used to copy using cp -r <source> <destination>, and it worked perfectly in linux. But -r flag doesn’t preserve symlinks in Mac (alteast not in the version I am using). I had to use the -a flag for that and it preserves symlinks in Mac. I think -a is a better flag for recursive copy in general.