Documentation for Site Operations / Basic Deployment in Production

Hi team,

@sarina and our friends at ASU are asking for “someone to write a Site Operations module for the Dev Onboarding course. This would be a high level overview of how to get a site running with Tutor. If these instructions exist in any form could someone point me at them?”

Here is more context:

We’re making great progress, however, we’ve come across a section of the course that none of the contributors are qualified to speak to: Site Operations. It really needs the viewpoint of someone in a senior leadership position. Is this something one of you could help us with? The section we’re envisioning is not too in depth, but provides a high level overview of the procedures and best practices one should consider when running an instance of the Open edX platform. … We’re striving for a conversational tone with overview explanations, heavily peppered with screenshots/screencapture videos and followed by resources for additional learning/reading (usually the Read the Docs pages). In terms of the process, once the contributors have provided their blurbs, [we] are going in to polish the language and find opportunities for interactions and assessments to make the experience feel more like a course (and of course, gauge that a learner has successfully comprehended the information).

@antoviaque can provide more information and context; I’m a bit out of the loop here. But I’ve asked a few people and nobody had any existing resources to suggest besides Lawrence’s cookiecutter README (though it is nice). So, would one of you be interested in taking this project on?

@braden Thanks! :+1:

@gabor @mtyaka Would you be interested? If not, any suggestion as to whom in the team might be best suited to work on this?

Due to the upcoming project I have to deal with, I won’t be able to take this now :confused: @mtyaka do you want to take it?

@antoviaque Yes, I would be interested to work on this, but probably not before October. Is there any more info on what exactly the requirements are?

@mtyaka That’s great to read! Thank you. For more details on the requirements, see for the current thread with ASU.

And understood for the time frame - in any case the first step would be to get ASU and Sarina to review a timeline that works for you for the delivery, as well as a time budget. If the work on this started in October, would you have time for a discovery task now to set the dates and budget?

If you’re ok with this, can you let ASU know on that you are going to be the person handling it, by replying on the email thread? It’s on help@ so you can jump in there, but if you want I can loop you in. Then send them the discovery document, when it’s ready for their review?