Early June - Open edX Tech Radar brainstorming

Just saw on the official forum that edX were planning an Open edX Tech Radar brainstorming in June, so I thought I’d share in case people are interested.

From David Joy (edX):

Hi all,

We’re planning on holding a workshop in June (tentatively June 9) to collaboratively create a Tech Radar for the Open edX platform.

For those not familiar with a “tech radar”, it’s a visual representation of a set of technologies and engineering techniques, indicating their relative levels of adoption using a series of concentric “rings”. Those items (“blips”) in the center are fully adopted, those around the periphery are “on hold” and have fallen out of favor. Blips in the middle rings are either being trialed in a limited capacity, or undergoing further investment on their way toward full adoption.

For Open edX, we believe this would be an evergreen view into the set of technologies, frameworks, techniques and tools we work with in the platform, with detailed descriptions of their status, history in the platform, and level of adoption.

@nimisha and I are working together to organize and plan the workshop, and would welcome collaborators! Please reach out to either of us here or on the Open edX Slack if you’d like to help us organize a productive session.

If you’d like to participate in the session itself, we’ll be sharing a meeting invite once the date is finalized.

If you’d like to attend, feel free to schedule a ticket under the Contributions account. (is this the right account?)

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