Ensuring the up-to-date maintenance of Client Briefings

Ticket to Log Time

Hello @team !

After our migration to SuiteCRM, some of our client briefings have gotten stale. This makes sense because we’re not all using Monday like we were and so logging into SuiteCRM has become a special tool that you have to go out of your way to use.

However these briefings are quite critical when onboarding new members, so I’ve taken the time to audit and clean them up slightly-- they shouldn’t be mangled any longer. I know a few clients in the set may not need updating since we’re about to close our contracts with them, but others are still active and we need to make sure we’re keeping these up to date.

Unfortunately I don’t know the clients better than the client owners so there are some things I couldn’t clean up (or was not sure enough to confidently edit). The handbook mentions that the CRM entries should be updated with new notes as you have meetings with the client, consolidating them once per sprint.

This is all well and good but I also understand that if you’re already updating your epics you may find this to be a lot of additional overhead and potentially redundant. So, I’m proposing a different method. I’ve made a slight tweak to the Client Strategy tickets that are currently autogenerated.

You should be getting these tickets once per quarter. If you haven’t been, please let me know so I can figure out why you aren’t. The tickets are there for you to take time considering what projects we might propose to the client proactively, but since they involve reading through the Client Briefing and Value Proposition, I’ve added updating these to the completion criteria of these tickets.

I wanted to verify that this change works for everyone. I’ve created an MR with the tweaks to the process here. It’s pretty brief. I’d like to know if this tweak works better for you all and if you anticipate being able to keep up the client briefings more consistently overall following it.


@Fox, I believe an additional quick look at the client epics would make sense, to ensure all of them are labeled correctly. You can find the list of the epics marked as a “client-epic” here. The list of epics without this label is here.

The strategy tickets (ordered from the newest to the oldest) are here.


The SuiteCRM UX is pretty bad. What do you think about putting the client briefings in google docs (or a private discourse wiki post) and just linking to them from SuiteCRM? Then people could edit much more easily, and it would be possible to add comments and flag sections that seem out of date - which is not possible within SuiteCRM. If we used Discourse, then it would also allow people to subscribe to notifications when someone makes an edit or posts an update as a comment on the thread.


I’m totally game for this. The organizational basics and listings should be kept in SuiteCRM, but having the briefings be somewhere we can directly comment back and forth to each other is certainly preferable.

Google docs would allow things to be more inline but I think that the private forum wiki posts might be a better fit overall. I’ve not tried these yet, though!