EU Grant Opportunities

Hello team!

We were recently made aware (thanks to @loic) of ongoing opportunities to receive grants from the EU for work we do focused on open source-- especially in the realm of data portability and interoperability. Unlike some more traditional grants that are in the millions, these ones are much smaller, up to 150,000 Euros or so max per grant.

The most attractive feature for us of these grants is that they can be applied to projects we have already planned to work on and have budget for. They’re intended to reward and encourage continued innovation in the space, especially through open source software. I’m in the process of preparing our first grant, and have picked the Libraries V2 project for it. Libraries V2 is a great project for this as it is heavily tied to reuse and portability-- with the ability to export and import learning content on the roadmap, and decouple it from the structure of courses in some use cases. This, alongside the growing LTI infrastructure around the LMS make it a prime candidate for a grant.

I will be working to keep documentation around what’s happening with the grant process open, and will be updating this thread as things progress. Since this money would be a reward rather than a replacement of existing budget, we can use the money for other projects. One idea that’s being considered is using it as part of funding the core contributor program. I’m actually unfamiliar with the core contributor funding model (I ought to read up on it,) but that sounds cool to me. I’d be curious what else you guys think that money should be used for. As this might not be the only grant we get, it’d be nice to get some priority list going so we can have it in the back of our minds going forward.

The organization within the EU which is running this program is known as Next Generation Internet (NGI). You can read more about it using that website. If you think of any other projects that would be a good candidate for a grant, be sure to let me know!


And they fund DAPSI (6M€) which, in turn, publishes calls for proposals (30K€ to 150K€). The one with a November 23rd, 2021 deadline is:

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I’ve begun working on this proposal here. As you can see most of the commentary from NGI is still in place, as most sections are not yet written, and we’re a ways away from completion.

What I’ve implemented so far is the context sections-- information on motivations, ideas, objectives, and challenges. @loic if you have a bit, would you be up for reviewing what I’ve written so far?


@Fox as I do not have a Google account I’m not able to look at this document. Although I’d be happy to review the final document once you’re happy with it I’m afraid I won’t have the bandwidth to review early drafts. Would that be ok with you?

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@loic Yep, that works for me. Thanks again!

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@loic While there are a couple of details I’m waiting for concerning actual timelines (I have some placeholder dates in place in a few places) the content of the grant is ready for your review. I’ve converted it to ODT so you can view it with your favorite open source office software and zipped it so Discourse will allow me to upload it. :slight_smile:

For anyone on the team that wants to view and comment on the native Google doc, you can do so here.

Content Libraries and Editing Grant (27.0 KB)

Please let me know your thoughts-- and thank you again for your help with this!


@loic Just a ping here. :) Also I’ve revised the document a bit per internal feedback that happened in the interim, so I’ve attached an updated version to this message.
Content Libraries and Editing Grant (30.3 KB)