FAL-2365 Newcomer friendly and jira field

Reminder that we should be using the fixVersion field, not the affectedVersion field for the newcomer friendly label. See handbook. If the non-canon field is used, it’s more difficult to find newcomer friendly tasks.

Can we delete the affectedVersion field from jira? We don’t use it for anything that I’m aware of.

Also we should update the handbook with easier instructions for editing the fixVersion field, because it’s no longer hidden. It can be added and edited directly from the ticket edit view now.

Ticket: FAL-2365

Thanks for this reminder. I couldn’t remember which field it was when I was tagging tickets for next sprint.

It’s a built in field so we can’t delete it, but we might be able to hide it from the item editing template. You’re welcome to try, you’ve got admin privileges I think?

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Awesome, done! :slight_smile:

I’ll update the docs too.

@jill , I created opencraft/documentation/public!339 with the updates. :slight_smile:

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