Finding OVH incidents affecting our app servers

Lately, we have had some issues with OVH, and figuring out if an app server is affected by an OVH issue is a pain, so I created GitHub - gabor-boros/travaux-crawler: CLI tool that crawls Travaux, OVH's incident report site to find matching cloud instance IDs..

Example usage

$ ./bin/travaux-crawler -a 19367 -p "Cloud" -s "In progress" --all-pages
Using config file: /Users/gabor/.travaux-crawler.toml
Getting app server info for 19367
App server #19367 (edxapp-***********-19991) (6409d284-512b-4003-9044-5a31cbe5e0dd) is potentically affected by:
        - FS#52478 — PCI - GRA1 GRA3 - rack G133A15
        - FS#52446 — PCI - GRA1 - host749715

List of project names are here, and available incident statuses are here.
The initial version’s available assets (binaries) can be downloaded from here.

We will never have to figure out manually the OVH app server ID or find which incident may affect our app servers.

Cheers :beers: