Finding tickets that need assignee or reviewer

Since I’m just coming back from a break I was looking to find a lot of work to fill up my next sprint I wrote a handy JIRA search that lists all the tickets of interest.

project = Bebop and (sprint in futureSprints() or sprint in openSprints()) and (assignee is EMPTY or "Reviewer 1" is EMPTY ) and Sprint != 197 and Sprint != 128 and status != Done and status != "Deployed & Delivered" and status != Recurring and status != "External Review / Blocker"

Direct link

Just put this in the advanced search section of JIRA and it’ll list all the tickets that need an assignee or a reviewer, are not in stretch goals/long external review, not Done/External Review/Recurring/Deployed. You can bookmark the search page for easy access.

PS: I wrote this for Bebop. Let me know if anybody from Serenity would like a Serenity version of the same.


Oh, that’s handy, thanks. I didn’t know about futureSprints and openSprints. Definitely should spend some time on learning Jira query language and hotkeys.

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Very nice @aayush. While playing around with this on Falcon, I discovered you can save it as a “Filter” and share the Filter with the rest of your cell. :champagne: