Following up on team health

I’m revisiting this forum post after our recent changes in the sprint processes, specially with the new cell supporter role (CC @tikr). We also simplified cell roles: merged epic and sustainability manager, and reworked community liaison/contribution ones.

Do you think we’ve improved the situation with them?

Finally, I think this point still holds though:

  1. The person taking this role would have the clearest view of the cell situation in terms of sustainability, capacity, recruitment requirement, and whatnot.

With the current distributed roles, I’m not sure who or if there’s anyone with a clear view of how a cell is doing generally? I personally find it hard to follow all forum threads at the same time :frowning: - not sure that is the case with others as well.


Good question – there is actually a follow-up ticket @nizar has planned to follow-up and check on these points. @nizar would you like to give some details about what you have in mind about this?

Ultimately, we are each responsible for bringing it up & looking for solutions when something doesn’t work for ourselves – that’s the essence of self-management. That said, a large part of @nizar 's new role is to keep an eye on this too, and help facilitate those discussions & bringing up discussions points. That’s also something on which it might be worth explaining some of the ways you have in mind to approach this @nizar ?

NB: I’m moving this to a dedicated thread, as the original one was closed.

I planned to create a follow-up ticket to ensure the impact of the sprint planning changes have been positive on members. In addition, another ticket was created to ensure members, in the meantime, have roles they actually want and means to swap/transfer those roles to others in a more facilitated manner.

I don’t have much to share regarding the sprint planning changes yet, I still need to collect some statistics. But for the second ticket, @joidegn has already created an announcement on the forum, Wanted/Unwanted Metawork - Exchange roles.

I have more plans of further exploring roles and reducing the meta work done by Sprint Planning Managers and Sprint Managers, because they’re the next two huge roles that are being avoided at the moment (after Epic & Sustainability Managers and Recruitment Managers).

However, I need to transition into my role first, to be able to better focus on things first. In the meantime, a portion of my time is going towards coordinating between members in the cell to find backups/reviewers/replacements, which makes it a little harder to focus on other things.

There’s still not enough clarity though on whether that transition can be done now, or not yet. I’m hoping to discuss that in detail with a couple of members in the upcoming week. I’ll then have a better idea what to do.

There are a lot of things to target in order to ensure cells are doing well.

But I don’t want the new roles to do that work, because it would kind of contradict with OpenCraft’s philosophy. I still want self management to be practiced, and I want decisions to be taken by members. So my approach, for now, will be to help members recover from the issues they are facing, according to the bi-weekly checkup.

This assistance won’t be provided as some sort of HR, but it would be provided by refining our documentation/processes so it is more developer-friendly. And if necessary, assisting the developers in “debugging their issues” and following that documentation.

That refinement won’t necessarily be done by me, but whenever it cannot be done by others, it will fall on my plate instead of being blocked until someone else has time for it.

I’ll provide a better idea of that soon, hopefully. My approach won’t be set in stone, of course. It’ll be adjusted as I gain more experience in the role I’m in.


@nizar I appreciate your efforts here, and that you’ve created this role! It’s a relief to know that you’re looking at these problems, and great that @antoviaque is allocating time for us to do it. Thank you both!