Wanted/Unwanted Metawork - Exchange roles

Hey all,

@nizar has been leading an initiative (SE-4943) to increase visibility into desired metawork roles and who currently has a role they don’t enjoy versus others who might enjoy this role.

Some of you have provided information about their metawork preferences. We have taken these answers and constructed a matrix from them which shows which roles everyone would like to have more/less of. The goal is for everyone to own their row in this spreadsheet and keep it updated. People who would like to be assigned a role or who would like to trade away one of their roles can then consult this spreadsheet in order to identify who they can change with.

Next steps:

  • Everyone, please confirm that the data in the matrix is accurate for you. If your name does not appear in the matrix tab, please add it and indicate which roles you would like to have or give away in the correct color code.
  • If you have a role you would like to trade, identify who to reach out to. You can use this forum post in order to communicate with others about role trades or reach out to them directly.

Link to the matrix in google sheets

@raul, @guruprasad, @paulo, @daniel, @nizar , @mtyaka , @jill , @swalladge

Time spent on this activity should get logged against ticket SE-4943. :slight_smile:


@joidegn, I no longer work for OpenCraft - my last working day was 14 October 2021. :slight_smile: