Forum theme change

I’m not sure if the change is automatically applied for existing users, so I’m mentioning it here - I’ve changed the forum theme, to use a bit more the OpenCraft branding, now that the forums are also public. It looks like this by default:

If you would like to switch between the available themes, you can set the one you use in your profile settings: Top right avatar icon > Preferences tab > Preferences > Interface.

Comments & suggestions of changes are welcome!


@antoviaque, the theme looks very nice! :+1: Is the theme source available on some repository that we can check and fix issue? If yes, I would like to fix one minor issue that I noticed. The contrast between the colors of the search button, the hamburger menu in the top navbar and the header background doesn’t feel enough. So I wanted to use a brighter color (maybe even white) for it :slight_smile:


@antoviaque the theme looks awesome!

That’s pretty cool! :star_struck:

Thanks, glad to hear you like the change! :slight_smile:

It’s all done from the discourse admin - it’s just a few changes of colors and images on one of the main themes. To allow you to make the changes though, I’ve granted you admin access - just let me know when you’re done? Colors are set there:

@antoviaque, I don’t see a way to customize the color #8c8c8c, which is the color set for those buttons, in that page. Should I check somewhere else?

@guruprasad I don’t know if there is another place - it might just be that they haven’t made that color customizable, it might be hardcoded in the theme. An option would be to search discourse forums for hints on what to do in cases like this – although I wouldn’t spend too much time on it, as long as it’s useable we are probably going to be fine as is?

@antoviaque, I was just curious to see if this could be fixed. I am perfectly fine with how the theme looks at the moment and this issue was just a minor nit.

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