Funding opportunity - Tools Competition


I ran into this funding opportunity for $50,000. It is restricted to OpenCraft field of expertise and I have no tips to provide. I’ve just checked that it is legit and that OpenCraft is a fit by answering the “Are you elligible?” form.



Thanks a lot @loic for making us aware of these types of funding opportunities! Much appreciated :handshake:

CC @Fox @gabriel

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Thanks for your help as always, Loïc :handshake: we’ll look into it!

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Awesome, @loic ! I’ve scheduled a ticket for next week to look into it more. We also did end up applying to the NL grant. I’ll let you know once we hear back if we got in. :slight_smile:

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Great news. Would you be so kind as to share the grant application you submitted? Is it for the October 1st deadline or the December 1st deadline?

Sure! You can find it here. We submitted for the Oct 1st deadline. :) The document linked is filled with the answers we submitted on the web form.