Future of ocim gitlab mirror

https://gitlab.com/opencraft/opencraft is a mirror of https://github.com/open-craft/opencraft. There doesn’t seem to be any recent activity on it. Does anyone know if it is currently being used for anything? If not, we should remove it to avoid confusion.

Ticket to log time: FAL-1827

My understanding was (though I have no idea where I got this understanding :P) that the GitLab mirror is intended to become the primary mirror or at least the primary CI/CD for Ocim.

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Thanks, @swalladge for asking this question up in public. The intention of creating the mirror is to eventually migrate from GitHub to GitLab. I don’t know-how is “recent activity” is defined but for OCIM UX 2.1 we are actively maintaining tickets on GitLab. In fact, a lot of the conversation happens on GitLab which was previously happening on Jira. This was done as an initiative of the “open first” policy where we are opening the internal discussion etc. to the public.

The only reason GitHub repo exists is that the deployment pipeline is very GitHub-centric and it will require some work to set up the same pipeline for GitLab.

We have already a task filled to do that.

Hope it would have given you a better idea about the GitLab Mirror. You can get better insight into the decision on this comment thread.

In a gist, the idea is to shift in bits and parts to GitLab and eventually remove any dependency from GitHub.

Hope I answered your question. :slight_smile:

@farhaan Aah ok thanks for the context! I didn’t even notice that opencraft/dev/opencraft existed. Looks like we can safely delete opencraft/opencraft then as it appears to be an overlooked duplicate. :slight_smile:

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Ah, there were two repos. That explains the confusion.

I don’t suppose we can also rename the repo to ocim while we’re at it?


We can definitely do that; can I take this as an official request, or do we need to discuss the name change? I’m guessing gitlab can do the redirect from the old urls to the new, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

:+1: from me – would alleviate confusion.

Done, repo and project name updated. Gitlab does the autoredirect from the old name, so nothing should be broken. :slight_smile:

Awesome :slight_smile: thanks a lot for all the efforts here.

Old links for issues are broken,

old link: https://gitlab.com/opencraft/dev/opencraft/-/issues/714
new link: https://gitlab.com/opencraft/dev/ocim/-/issues/714

This is causing issues because in OCIM UX 2.1 Epic we have not used Jira tickets for description but just to track the progress and all the conversation about the ticket happens on GitLab.

For example BB-3786.

I don’t know how do we handle this, editing so many tickets is not something that is pleasant to do. :frowning:

Hmm, GitHub automatically creates redirects when you move a repo. It’s too bad that GitLab doesn’t.

That said, I think there are only about ~22 links, which isn’t too bad? If you just manually fix each one you come across, they’ll be fixed in no time.

GitLab does, but the redirect was messed up when the old repo was mistakenly moved to the location of the new repo’s previous path, and then deleted… :/ I’ll see if it’s possible to trick gitlab into reinstating the redirect.

:tada: fixed! @farhaan @braden the old links should continue to work; the redirect is back. :slight_smile:

(For reference, I renamed the repo to opencraft, then back to ocim, so the redirect is set back up.)

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