Future of open-craft/invoice-generator

open-craft/invoice-generator is a simple tool written several years ago for generating an invoice given a timesheet spreadsheet export. This is no longer used by anyone (?) because this is automated by crafty/sprints.

I propose we:

  • write an update in the readme to say that it’s a potentially useful tool, but no longer used
  • add a license
  • make the repo public
  • archive the repo so it’s readonly
    (ie. the abandonware method)

The alternative is delete the repository since it’s unused (unless others here have more ideas).

Thoughts? Is there any reason why we should or shouldn’t open source it or delete it?

Ticket: FAL-1827

@swalladge I second the next steps you proposed :blush:

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Making it public and archiving it sounds good to me. :+1:

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Ok, we’ll do that then. Thanks for your input. :slight_smile:

Do you know where the invoicing templates and automation code now lives? Is it one of the public crafty/sprints related repositories?

That would be the billing system:

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