Future volume of tasks in Falcon or move back to Bebop

This is another post on the topic of lack of tasks but more specific to my situation.

I moved to the Falcon cell in hopes of working on the Content Library v3 epic. Initially it was blocked on the budget being approved by Axim but later they decided to push it back until there were customer feedback on the existing modular learning work. That left me scrambling for tasks and there weren’t that many available.

At present Falcon seems to have more capacity than tasks/budget available. So I would like to know if that is set to change in the near future. If not, would it make more sense for me to move back to Bebop? I see posts from Bebop about the lack of tasks too. Does Bebop have enough work for everyone in the cell already and can it sustain another addition or would I end up in a similar situation there too?

I know we probably have plenty of work in our internal epics which could use an additional hand but there’s a question on sustainability if we were to have more folks working on it.

This whole situation has me questioning my value to the organization, but I would appreciate any insights that I might be missing.

Ticket to log time

Oh no! This is just a capacity/client issue, not something that you should take personally. In fact, the reason we asked you to lead the Content Library v3 project was because of your experience and abilities.

That said, it’s terrible that we’ve let you go without enough work for so long. I’m so sorry @pooja ! I just don’t know how to fix it, other than what’s being discussed on the other thread.

Falcon is an Axim client cell, and so we are dependent on them for projects and priorities. However, since they will sometimes push us to ramp up quickly and meet ambitious timelines, maybe we can push back on this and get this project started sooner?


@pooja I’m sorry about how this played out. We were trying to be proactive for the libraries project, but when it got delayed we didn’t address the lack of work issue. With Falcon being a focused cell there isn’t any more work at the moment, and I suspect there may not be any more until after the current tagging project phase is wrapped up. I will be discussing this with Axim next week to see if we can find a way to make the work volume more predictable.

I think moving to Bebop would make sense for now, or at least helping Bebop or Serenity with their tasks until we have some more clarity about the next phases of Falcon’s work (hopefully next week). You should not end up in a similar situation as we are actively working to eliminate this issue and it’s ultimately our responsibility to ensure there’s enough work for you. Whichever cell you’re in, I think we should plan a synchronous call with the sprint planning manager for you and anyone else who doesn’t have enough work, to make sure we get it resolved at the start of the sprint. Because our current system doesn’t have a consistent mechanism to “notice” that you don’t have enough tasks unless you really make an effort to flag it (which you should also do please). We always have work on things like Contributions and Grove and Listaflow as a backup if there’s nothing else.

To reiterate what Jill said, this is nothing to do with your skills as a developer and in fact it’s because of your skills that we wanted you on Falcon when we thought a big important project was about to launch.

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@pooja I realize that I hadn’t replied in this thread, but FYI I definitely +1 the comments - it’s definitely not your failing, it’s OpenCraft that has failed you here! And sorry about this.

Besides the processes we are putting in place to solve the issue more broadly, and the other comments in the current thread, note we have looked into what could be a good epic to pass on to you when you’re back in January, at Log in - OpenCraft .

Also make sure to ping me if you’re blocked in any way then, we can have a look together.

@jill @braden @antoviaque Thank you for the vote of confidence. I could understand the situation. I didn’t mean to sound very negative in the post. I’m glad to see that we are taking steps to prevent this from happening again and i’m excited to get started on the new epic.


@pooja Glad to hear it! Don’t hesitate to ping me if you get into any blocker on this epic, or on getting back a proper volume of work. And happy new year! :slight_smile:

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