[Games] Anyone up for a board game? Board Game Arena

I’ve recently discovered a nice site to play board games. There are quite a few good ones, adapted to be played online. One of the appeals that won me over is that it’s possible to play them asynchronously - and they have got their async workflow right, it works quite well :slight_smile: So I thought that could also be a nice way to play with everyone here, regardless of timezones ;p

Would anyone be up for a board game?

For example, what about a game of 7 Wonders?

Games rules in 10 minutes: How to play 7 Wonders - Games Explained - YouTube

If you are interested, create an account on the site, and reply here with your account name, I’ll invite you to a table.

Suggestions of other games welcomed – being async, we don’t have to just play one at a time :) There are lots of them: • Board Game Arena

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Sounds interesting! I’m in.

Here is my id: xitij

:+1: I’m kewne
Besides 7 Wonders, the only game I’ve played from that list is Through The Ages and it was pretty cool; the in-person games took about 5 or more hours though but fortunately async will make that more bearable!

Great : )

@kshitij I don’t seem to be able to find an account with the name “xitij” - is that the exact spelling?

@joao.cabrita I’ve added you – I’ll create the game as soon as I’ll be able to add Kshitij. :slight_smile:

FYI, in the meantime there are still a few seats available to play at our table :)

Sounds pretty nice. But unfortunately, it seems I don’t know much of the games there. :stuck_out_tongue:
Nevertheless, it’s async so I can learn some games while playing maybe! my id: shimulch

@antoviaque I’m in :slight_smile:
My username is: giovannicimolin

Ugh, sorry, same issue as before. The username is __xitij__.

Sounds interesting add me farhaanbukhsh :slight_smile:

Great! Game created, I have invited you all:

You will need to confirm your participation to the table for the game to start.

I have also created an OpenCraft group and invited you to it, to make it easy to create games reserved for us: OpenCraft • Board Game Arena

Thanks for joining the table! :slight_smile:

@kshitij I’m not sure if you’ve got the email notification from the game table - sometimes it goes in the spams. You still need to confirm your participation to allow the game to start.

@farhaan You might also want to check your spam folder :) It’s your turn to play and you’ve run out of allocated time: https://boardgamearena.com/9/sevenwonders?table=173356491

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@antoviaque I am sorry, email landed in my spam folder, have played my turn now :)

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