Getting notified of contributions to our repos

So… Just spent the day trying to figure out a good way to get specific notifications for community contributions to our repos, and am looking for feedback and possible solutions. Here’s what I got so far:

What’s a contribution?

Just to get the ball rolling, I’m defining contributions as new PRs or new issues (not comments or replies) opened against our public, non-forked repositories, by somebody not on the team.


…doesn’t let you filter on arbitrary email headers, which rules out the handy X-GitHub-Sender header to filter out usernames in our org. (GitHub does send the full name in the From field, but not the email, which makes for a sucky, ambiguous source of truth.)

Plus, only works for notifying one person at a time.


…let’s you filter on X-GitHub-Sender, but it’s clunky as hell. There’s no way to automate fetching our org usernames. Just look at this:

It’s what I have running now, but imagine getting my epic reviewer (when I find one) to do the same. :roll_eyes:

So how about…

Creating #contribution-notifications

There are existing Mattermost bots for github and gitlab. Both have Dockerfiles, and at least at first glance both would allow (maybe with a little hacking) the filtering necessary to separate contributions from internal chatter.

And this way, everybody can quickly see (and hopefully react :wink:) to an incoming PR.

What do you think? Is there an easier way to do this that I haven’t thought of?

C/C: @antoviaque

Log time on SE-3945


(@adolfo Please provide the related task in forum posts, for people to log time participating in them.)

Whoops. I keep forgetting to do this. Added. Thanks, @daniel!

The chat is for emergencies or things that need to be discussed synchronously - notifications for contributions should use async channels. We could setup a mailing list or forum category for the notifications of contributions, though.

Alright, fair enough. Looks like hubot is a popular way of handling this. It has existing “scripts” for github, gitlab, discourse, and pretty much anything under the sun. Shouldn’t be too hard to whip up something that works for us.

Anybody have any experience with it? Objections? Alternatives?

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